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I love Makeup Revolution!  Amazing quality products at amazing prices, in, for the most part, stylish packaging You can read my previous blog posts, its a fact I’m a huge fan. And I’ve got more rave reviews coming up too.

So having been so impressed with the products I decided to give the face products a try recently. Lets just preface this with the fact that I’ve not used a cheap foundation for YEARS, by which I mean anything less than say, £20. I’ve always believed that foundation especially, is the one product you shouldn’t skimp on. However, with the quality of Makeup Revolution products being so high and the prices being so low I decided to give a couple of products a go.  I opted for the Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer  as well as The One Foundation.

Makeup Revolution The One FoundationI’ll talk about the foundation first, I’d heard that this was a dupe for Mac’s Face & Body Foundation and at £4 I thought it was well worth a go.

In terms of shades, there’s a really great selection to choose from, 15 shades in fact. With not having a store that stocks the brand locally I had to purchase online and it wasn’t the easiest to find the right shade, but I googled some swatches and opted for Shade 5, which in terms of numbers I thought would have been too dark, turned out, that shade wise it was a great match for my skin.

Makeup Revolution The One FoundationFormula wise, it’s extremely liquid and promises to adapt to your skin tone, be buildable and offer full, matte coverage.

I found that once on my face it adapted to my skin tone perfectly, or rather it was a perfect match on application, when swatched on my cheek, I could barely see it. Unfortunately, that’s where my praise ends. I’ve worked hard on getting my skin back to good skin recently, and no longer have obvious dry patches that my usual foundations clog in… until I put this on and my skin looked terrible. So so dry looking and patchy, I also found that it slid off quite quickly and sat in my pores making them look much more obvious. I couldn’t make it work for me at all, not even with primer sadly, such a shame. I really feel this foundation would only be suited to someone who had exceptionally flawless skin.

Moving onto the Focus & Fix Concealer.

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix ConcealerOut of the six shades available I opted for the second shade, Fair. This concealer promises to hide and conceal, both dark circles and blemishes and offer high coverage that blends easily.  Starting off with the shade, it looked perfect in the tube, but on application was extremely yellow. With my cool, pink toned skin this wasn’t great and as soon as I tried it I knew it wasn’t a great match for me but I persevered. The consistency is weird if I’m honest. It’s incredibly slippery, feels like its full of silicones (I have no idea if it is). It’s not a consistency that I want in my concealer, it doesn’t feel good on my skin at all, and as a consequence of the strange texture it slips and slides as you apply, and is far too sheer to be of any use to all but the lightest of dark circles, its absolutely useless on blemishes.

So sadly, neither of these products were for me. Its not put me off the brand, Makeup Revolution are still my greatest discovery, I just know that in future, I’ll stick with my own rules about not skimping on foundations. Thankfully, when products are so cheap, its not too disappointing when they don’t work out so well, I don’t feel too bad that I spent £6 on these products and they’ve not worked out for me.

I’ve got several more positive reviews to put up about Makeup Revolution products so, really these are, for my skin, the exception to rule when it comes to the brands exceptional performance.

Be sure to check out the website, everything I’ve tried so far has been amazing, except for these two, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a little shopping spree!

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