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01. 06. 2012

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Malibu SuncareMalibu SuncareMalibu Suncare

I have to confess I was sent a range of Malibu products AGES ago but as the weather was so vile for so long the products just sat unloved waiting for even a hint of sunshine. And then the sun finally appeared thankfully and I’ve been giving the products a good go.

I want to start by saying that this range is very competitively priced making them very purse friendly so far as sunscreens go.

My personal favourite items are the SPF30 Dry Oil Spray (not pictured) which is £5.99 for 200ml and a little goes a long way but I also love the same product in the aerosol which retails at £9.99 but is currently £7.99 on the Malibu website. I just like the oil, I find it so much easier to apply. The benefit of having the aerosol over the spray is that you can spray it continuously rather than having to keep spraying repeated squirts, its just a matter of preference really.

On the children I’e been using  the SPF30 Lotion Spray Aerosol. Personally I prefer a higher SPF for my children’s very fair and delicate skin, but thats not to say the SPF hasn’t done a fab job, there’s no hint of redness or sunburn on my kids, but then I do limit the time they spend in the sun.

All the products are waterproof.  The only item I’ve not tried at all is the Aloe Vera After Sun Gel Spray Aerosol. Simply because there’s been no need. Am off to Cornwall next week though so I’ll be applying it religiously after each day out!

All products available from, Superdrug, Matalan and wide range of other stockists!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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  1. Big Fashionista says:

    Oooooooh. I remember that yellow ball thingy in the sky that made everything nice.


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