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24. 07. 2015

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Sad times have slowly happened over the last six months or so. I’ve been using Aveda skincare for years now, and have recommended to everyone, its amazing stuff that my skin loved…until it didn’t anymore. After several months of terrible skin it was time to face facts, my skin care routine wasn’t working for me any more. It’s definitely not Aveda’s fault, the products didn’t change, but I guess my skin did, its pretty much happened with every brand I’ve ever used.

My realisation that I need to switch things up came, unfortunately, at a time where I had not a huge amount of money, and of course its an absolute nightmare to find products that work on acne, but that aren’t designed for oily teenage skin. I’m not sure what led me to Mario Badescu, I know that sometime ago someone recommended the range to me, alas I can’t recall who it was, but regardless, I’m glad I tried it out.

First thing to mention is that its not an easy brand to find in the UK. The only stockist I could find was Beauty Bay. The other thing to mention is the range is huge and its hard to know which products to start with, and that’s where the Mario Badescu site is amazing. Not only can you sort products out by skin concern on the site, but you can also fill in some questions and have a regime prescribed to you, which they’ll send to your inbox. If that’s not good enough or if you have specific questions, they have live customer service which I used twice and got excellent advice on both occasions.

My skin had become incredibly dry and flaky, all over my cheeks and nose, while my chin was absolutely covered in a wide variety of spots, from big cystic spots to small bumps under the skin and whiteheads thrown in for good measure. I bought all the products recommended to me.

Mario BadescuThe Enzyme Cleansing Gel (£11.95) is a non foaming gel cleanser and contains papaya extracts as well as alpha hydroxy acids. It feels great on my skin and removes all my make up with no worries, even mascara and liquid liner. I found it totally non-drying and my skin felt clean and soft after washing. I rub in and rinse off with hot water and a cloth.

I follow this step up with the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion (£12.95), which is actually your toner. Containing no alcohol, this does contain witch hazel, seaweed and aloe to soothe and disinfect dry, sensitive skin.

My day moisturiser is the Oil Free Moisturiser (£16.50). It’s so simple and no frills, I was hesitant, but along with the rest of the products it seems to be doing the trick, my cheeks and nose had lost their flakiness within about three days and it’s never returned. It’s non-comedogenic and fragrance free and quickly absorbed.

My night cream is the Seaweed Night Cream (£18.75). This little pot of green cream is magic. Oil free and non greasy it contains collagen and hyaluronic acid and softens, hydrates while not clogging.

Finally I bought the famous Drying Lotion (£12.50).

Mario Badescu Drying LotionThis little bottle contains calamine and salicylic acid and is for use on whiteheads overnight. You dip a cotton bud into the bottle, down into the pink layer (don’t shake the bottle!) and apply to any blemishes. It will dry in little white/pink patches on your face and if your husband is juvenile like mine is, he will laugh at you. It will reduce spots really quickly and it doesn’t seem to dry out my surrounding skin at all.

While I was pleased with the moisturising-without-clogging, and I liked the drying properties of the Drying Lotion, I felt the spots were still coming thick and fast, which at 41 is pretty depressing. So I decided to buy a few more products to step it up a notch.

Mario BadescuThe Buffering Lotion (£15.50) is similar to the Drying Lotion but this time you need to shake it, and its for cystic spots, the deep big kind.  It’s sulfur based and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It also contains ingredients too soothe and take away redness, while promoting  healing. I love it. Nothings going to get rid of cystic acne in record time, but this does stop them getting quite so big and takes a day or two off their life span I reckon.

The Glycolic Foaming Cleanser (£13.30) is a foaming cleanser for dull, congested skin. I only use this twice a week (mondays and thursdays if you’re interested!). It leaves my skin feeling unbelievably clean and smooth without feeling dry.

The Glycolic Acid Toner (£15.50) is an exfoliating toner for dry and sensitive skin. Containing 2% glycolic acid, grapefruit extract and aloe it exfoliates, refreshes and is a Beauty Bay best seller. I use this as my evening toner, every day, while the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion has now become my morning toner.

I can’t believe I have never reached for Glycolic Acid before, it seems to be the key ingredient my skin has been missing. All my congestion as gone, my skin felt bumpy to the touch, but thats all gone now, but it took a little while to for the results to show. I find my skin is more glowy and plump looking which in turn makes my fine lines look far less obvious.

I cannot recommend these products highly enough, for me they have been fantastic. I suspect I’m always going to be spot prone, but now they are far less frequent and they go much faster, and my skin is smooth, and well moisturised, with moisturisers that don’t give me spots.

Highly recommended, and as I say, the range is huge so whatever your skin type, there are products for you. I bought all of these products with my own money and have already replaced the Enzyme Cleansing Gel once, a great, well priced, effective brand and I’m amazed I don’t read or hear more about them.



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  1. Sandra says:

    The Indie Lee Blemish Lotion is very similar to the drying lotion and one that’s a must have for me. I love Antonia Burrell’s products when I’ve got breakouts x

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