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Really loving Mark Hill hair products at the moment! I’m using lots of them on rotation but I’d give you a quick run down of my three favourites today.

Starting with Only Takes a Minute – 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment.

Mark Hill 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment

A really fantastic budget product! Does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak). Shampoo, then slap on this stuff. Shave your legs or something then rinse away and get lovely glossy hair. Really impressed. At £6.29 this is a great product to have in your arsenal. I’m using once a week as I’m alternating with other lovely products but I’d probably go for twice a week if I wasn’t.

Next, Colour Blast Hydration Bomb Intensive Treatment.

Mark Hill Colour Blast Hydration Bomb Intensive Treatment

Another product that does exactly what it says on the tin. A creamy cocktail of ingredients to intensively treat coloured hair. Apply all over, leave it on for at least three minutes, or as long as overnight if you wish, then rinse it out, thoroughly. Really effective and leaves my hair silky smooth after use. I’ve yet to try it for any great length of time, going for five minutes as a rule when I’m in the shower. I use in place of my usual conditioners, and again, I’m going for about once a week. £6.49. Again, great value.

Finally (for today!) Magic Drops Rescue & Repair Treatment.

Mark Hill Magic Drops Rescue & Repair Treatment

For a while I just thought this was a finishing serum. I don’t know why, I read the title of the product and totally disregarded it. I think just because of the style of packaging I just made an assumption. Anyway, it’s not, it’s a repair treatment that is full of vitamins and minerals. They recommend a drop is all you need (I use two drops worth (although it’s hard to gauge what a drop is when it’s a cream that comes out of a pump!)). I apply it  all over my damp hair before styling as usual, you don’t need to rinse it out and you can use it on dry  hair as well if you prefer. It suits me really well, I tend to use this on my hair when it’s damp, then dry my hair, or leave it to dry, and once dry use an oil or finishing serum. This product is also £6.49.

I really like this range which is broken down into catgories, for coloured hair, de-frizzing, straight hair, big hair, holiday hair, Big Night Out and so on and its effective and purse friendly. I’m using the above in conjunction with a shampoo and conditioner which isn’t quite right for my hair type but still leaves my hair silky soft and my hairs looking and feeling great at the moment.

You can buy all of the above from www.boots.com.

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  1. LNR says:

    Ooh the 60 second gloss sounds good! I often get cross in Boots when they have hair products on 3 for 2, as I only usually want shampoo and conditioner, so I’ll look out for this next time 🙂

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