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I’ve  got a new favourite mascara. I hesitate to say its the only mascara I’ll ever use again because, well, when you’re beauty product obsessed, there’s always something new to try out. What I will say is that this is my current favourite and I rate it higher than any mascara that I’ve tried before.

Meet Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

P1160656 P1160657I’m extremely fussy about mascara wands, I find many modern mascara brushes are so huge that I keep inadvertently poking myself in the eye with them. This one is large, but not quite Loo Brush sized and I have thus far managed to avoid an eye poking.

One coat is all you need, but I don’t let that stop me, piling it on until I get the result I’m after. It combs easily through my lashes which are curly and can get quite tangly, to coat from root to tip, and you could, as I say, quite easily stop at one coat. I usually go for somewhere between two and three, usually though, I concentrate a third coat just on the tips of my lashes to add some extra length.

P1160665 P1160670 P1160676


So things I love about it, its incredibly black, (although I spotted an “ultra black” version when I picked up this, it doesn’t clump on me at all, it separates, curls and makes my lashes look fabulous.

It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t smudge and it removes easily too with my gel cleanser.  Love it. The best thing about it is the lack of clumps though, building up to three layers with no clumping is pretty fantastic.

I picked up mine in Boots where I paid £9.99. There’s also the Ultra Black version and I think I spotted a waterproof one too but I can’t see this on the website. Highly recommend!

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