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Do you remember this post? Back at the beginning of October I had to admit my nails were in a terrible state and serious action was needed to get them back to their former glory. Step forward the Mavala Heroes.

So the first product I was sent was Nailactan. It’s a moisturising creame you apply every evening and massage into your nail bed which helps to restore elasticity and thus prevent splitting. Easy to use, I just keep it on my bedside table and use it last thing at night. I have forgotten once or twice but you know, I think that doesn’t matter. You can use it over your polish, but it is recommended that at least once a week you make sure you apply massage it into bare nails.

Next is Mava-Flex. This is a serum to restore flexibility and improve structure of the nails. For flaking, brittle or splitting nails this addes a boost of hydration. You rub this into bare nails twice a week, again, I’ve been doing it last thing at night so it has plenty of time to absorb. Also, in more recent weeks I’ve only been doing this once a week rather than twice. This give you instant results. Put it on, go to sleep, when you wake up in the morning, your nails will be less flaky for sure.  So in conjuction with the daily use of Nailactan you’re ensuring plenty of moisture is added to your nails.

Finally, Scientifique. This is something of a cult product. Why? Because it works! The tip of your nail is the bit that gets the worst of any damage suffered. This hardens and strengthens the tip of your nails.And it really does. You paint onto the tip of your nail (and your nail only, it will harden your skin if you get it on your skin), leave for a minute to dry. Then paint as usual. Once your nails are up to strength you can just use a two or three times a month.

So in using all these products you’re ensuring your nail bed is nicely hydrated and moisturised whilst reinforcing the fragile tip. I must say the Scientifique is something of a marvel. A few of my nail tips were extremely soft and bendy as a result of all the layers that peeled. Amazingly, I didn’t lose them, they stayed firmly on until long enough for me to file down.

I’ve realised I forgotten to take a comparison photo so I’ll have to refer you to yesterday’s Konad post to see my healthy strong, growing nails.

Because I’ve been using these three products together, it’s hard for me to break it down and say you must try this one or that one, all I can say is that using the three products together has really worked like a charm for me. Very highly recommended indeed if flaking/peeling/weak nails are a problem for you. Oh and my cuticles have never been better.

Scientifique is a measly £6
Mava-flex is £14.50
Nailactan seems to vary in price but looks to be around the £16 mark.

2 responses to “Mavala Heroes Update aka Operation Nail Repair”

  1. Anitacska says:

    Ooh, sounds like this stuff really works. I’ve been trying to sort my nails out for weeks using Nails Inc treatment for weak, pealing nails, but I can’t see such a huge improvement and also my nails are still soft and bendy, so I might have to invest in Scientifique if it’s that good! 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    I’m also using some sort of Nails Inc product but it’s not really doing much. These sound really great, I’ll give anything a go to sort out my horrible nails!

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