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Mavala Paradise Collection

Pretty aren’t they? L-R Spicy Red, Flamingo Pink, Vibrant Pearl, Mango Orange, Paradise Blue and Tangerine

They look like holiday colours to me! I was sent Mango Orange and Paradise Blue to try.

Mavala Paradise Collection

I’ve never tried Mavala before but when I got these I was thrilled, in the bottle the colours are stunning shimmery, but almost metallic. Very pretty. I’m not a great lover of blue polishes on me but this was so stunning I put it on immediately.

Mavala Paradise Blue

It’s unbelievably stunning, bright, rich and glossy.

Mavala Paradise Blue

I got a few little air bubbles but put that down to rushing and the layers I applied being a bit thick. A truly stunning polish. Sadly, things went wrong when I tried to remove it. I had used a base coat but regardless every last fungernail is now stained green. Badly. And I’ve been using extra strength polish remover too. I’m not best pleased, but it really is incredibly beautiful.

After that disaster I was a bit worried about trying Mango Orange so I only did one nail!

Mavala Mango OrangeMavala Mango Orange

But it’s also beautiful, jewel like and actually this one came off easily and left no stains. I won’t be afrad to use this one!

I have my beady eyes on Tangerine and Flamingo Pink as well. I love the finish on these. Love the colours. Love the blue but sadly, I won’t be reaching for blue again!

Little bottles, 5mls and they sell for £3.95 from www.mavala.co.uk.

Oh yes, before I forget, all Mavala polishes are free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal. They also have a breathable fomula.

0 responses to “Mavala Paradise Collection Swatches and Review”

  1. jaljen says:

    The staining! My Jessica Aqua Tint has left my nails looking like something off a mortuary slab.
    They’re a bit brushstroke-y. They look fab in the bottle. But stained nails – damn them!

  2. tor says:

    I got some of these polishes too! I’ll be doing my blog post in a couple of days xx


  3. Sanna says:

    I also love that Paradise Blue!

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