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MeMeMe Fire Eyes Create the LookI have to confess I was sent this for review a really really long time ago. Before Christmas. I hadn’t been asked if I wanted to review it, it just turned up in the post. I wasn’t interested in the brand so I just kind of stuck it to one side and forgot about it! Until now!

The MeMeMe Create The Look packs come in a large variety of colourways and are a very reasonably priced £15. What you get is a 4 colour baked eyeshadow, a mascara, a pencil liner and a liquid liner and I’ve had a quick nose around on the website and if you bought all these items separately then it’d cost you £20.99 for just the shadow, mascara and liquid liner, never mind the pencil which I can’t find on the site.  I actually had to check that I’d got the prices right as that seems a remarkably good deal. But yes they are. You also get a card with instructions for use, which I always like to have as when it comes to make up I don’t have much imagination.MeMeMe Fire Eyes Create the Look

I always discounted MeMeMe as a cheap brand and one which I wasn’t the target audience for. I think that’s still probably true in some respects.

So lets start with the Fat Cat Mascara. Awful. Within an hour of putting it on it’s flaking under my eyes and when it’s on it’s really unimpressive.

The Clay Liner is very nice. It doesn’t stay put for hours on end but its a nice dark taupe colour and I like the combination of it with the eyeshadow shades in the kit.

The eyeshadows are really great and the product in this kit that will have me looking more closely at this brand in future. Beautiful rich colours and heavily pigmented. The colours in this one are out of this world. I’m totally in love with the pink and the orange especially.

Lastly the liquid liner, it’s a pen style with a very fine pointed felt tip style applicator and its really easy to line with. Well, I suck at liquid liner, really suck, but so far as liquid liners go it easy! It does transfer to my upper lid unfortunately though after a few hours.

Swatches. Just check out those beautiful shadows! The red is slightly duochromey too which is nice.

MeMeMe Fire Eyes Create the Look

All in all a pretty good kit and an excellent saving on buying the items individually, but for me its only the eyeshadows that have really impressed and I’ll certainly be going to look at these next time I’m in town.

You can buy from www.mememecosmetics.co.uk and I’m fairly sure you can buy in Superdrug too.


5 responses to “MeMeMe Fire Eyes Create the Look Pack Review”

  1. Steph xox says:

    yep you can get them at superdrug!! i have tried one or to things and its a good brand.I like the look of the eyeshadows!!

  2. Big Fashionista says:

    Yes these are available at Superdrug, I love the eyeshadows, I find them extremely well pigmented and in some lovely colours. I like the nail varnishes too. You might want to check them out x x

  3. BooJenkinson says:

    Me Me Me has always been a bit of a non-event for me too. Theres something about the brand that just doesn’t work for me. It’s got no real identity that makes it stand out from the rest… just a bit blahhh xx

  4. beautydiarist says:

    The trouble for me with brands in Superdrug is that the stands are often knee deep in tweenagers and or cover in smudged makeup, and I just want to go around with a wet wipe at least. I do applaud Superdrug for its great selection of brands – Bloom for goodness sake which I thought had gone forever, but I dunno I really have to be in the mood for cheaper makeup, and mostly I am not, but who knows tomorrow I maybe saying they are great. Fickle? Oh yes. Jan x

  5. Y says:

    The shadows are nice I guess. I hate shadows like that because I like seperations (by plastic) in my shadows. I guess in the USA this would be the equivalent of NYC cosmetics.

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