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This is the last of my recent Misa duochromes. I got through them quickly. Anyway, this is Decadent Drifter. Again, another one I failed miserably to capture the beauty of with my camera. A lovely pale blue with a strong golden/baby pink flash through it. It’s quite sheer and needed three coats. I really really like this one and I wish I’d managed to do it some justice in the pics.

Misa Decadent DrifterMisa Decadent Drifter

So thats that! All done. Generally speaking, all the Misa duochromes have been quite sheer, needing three coats, but they are thin and quick drying so for me, that wasn’t an issue. I’ve really loved all the ones I bought so I guess one day I’ll be looking to add to the collection as there are loads more I’ve not tried yet.

Fear not though nail polish lovers, I have some Essie’s winging their way to me as I type and I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

0 responses to “Misa Decadent Drifter NotD”

  1. jaljen says:

    Decadent Drifter is lovely. My StreetWear Raw is very similar though so DD doesn’t go on my list. I also have a similar Miners. They are lovely polishes to have. Very easy to wear.

  2. Charlie says:

    Yes it’s So Pretty x

  3. Lillian Funny Face says:

    Oh wow it’s stunning! I must have it!

  4. Charlie says:

    Always a pleasure to enable Lillian!

  5. Happy1234 says:

    Pretty colour

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