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A couple of weeks ago in THIS post I mentioned in passing that pink shot through with gold was pretty much my all time favourite colour.  A week or so later I was nosing around at Lucy’s Stash when I saw THIS post. Love! Anyway to cut a long story short she didn’t like it, I loved it and she offered to send it to me, which was so kind. Anyway, it got here. It’s total love. In fact it’s so much love I’m sporting it on fingers and toes.

Misa No Shrinking Violetta
Misa No Shrinking Violetta

I’ve never used a Misa polish and I’ll definitely be looking for more. Perfect application and beautifully glossy. Love the formula.

8 responses to “Misa No Shrinking Violetta NOTD”

  1. Meowcake says:

    Goodness! I love it too! I’ve never heard of Misa. Where can you get them? What is the colour name?

  2. Charlie says:

    I don’t know where you can buy them, I’ve beeb googling since I put this post up. The shade is No Shrinking Violetta, Its gorgeous!

  3. Danielle says:

    Gorgeous! e.l.f do a nail polish the same called Coral. Really lovely pink with gold in it. It’s really pretty.

  4. liloo says:

    i am going to stop fancying misa polishes. i dont know where to get them. i fell in love with another shade also involving pink and gold, although a bit less corally pink that this and I am so frustrated i cant get it aaaaa

  5. jaljen says:

    Hi. You can easily get Misa in the UK from 2 places. Etailers.
    Nail warehouse. It says it supplies to trade but I buy from them. As long as you spend £15 they’ll trade with you. Misas are well under £3 (including VAT).

    Also Venus Nail and Beauty Supplies. Likewise prices are under £3.

    I recommend both businesses.

  6. Charlie says:

    Thank you, thats a great help!

  7. Lucy says:

    Charlie, I’m glad you like the polish 🙂


  8. Charlie says:

    I love it Lucy – I just think you and tiyr friends are mad for not loving it! Thank you.

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