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09. 06. 2010

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This is the first of my new Misa duochrome polishes, Road Warrior. It’s very nice, a taupey, goldey, pinky, reddy and in some lights I swear I see a hint of bluey shimmer. Anyway, here it is. Lovely. Applied like a dream. This is two coats, a third might have been nice but two will do! Anyway, without further ado, I give you Misa Road Warrior.

Misa Road WarriorMisa Road WarriorMisa Road Warrior

See, lovely!

0 responses to “Misa Road Warrior NotD”

  1. jaljen says:

    This is going on my list. Are you doing Foxy & Folksy soon?

  2. Charlie says:

    I didn’t get that One! 🙂

  3. jaljen says:

    Just proves how many duochromes Misa make, doesn’t it?
    I adore that brand.

  4. The Beauty Bite says:

    Thank you – that is going on “the list!”



  5. Charlie says:

    *Lady of the Lane, enabling since 2009*

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