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10. 06. 2010

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Another day another Misa Duochrome from my haul. Don’t worry, although I do intend to post them all, I don’t intend to post them every day! But anyway, here’s todays, Street Style. Although I took loads of pictures I wasn’t able to capture how lovely the pink duochrome is! Anyway, it’s very nice 🙂

Misa Street StyleMisa Street StyleMisa Street Style

Do you like this one?

0 responses to “Misa Street Style NotD”

  1. BabyD @ Polish and Powder says:

    really pretty. I have been after Misa Duo-chromes for ages, hard to find here :o( Lovely colour, like it :o)

  2. Lillian Funny Face says:

    Oh god that is so pretty! I need more duochromes.

  3. Charlie says:

    Where are you BabyD?

    Lillian, you totally need these!

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