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Molton Brown Vita B3 Eye Concentrate

I’m a huge huge fan of Molton Brown Skincare after I tried out some of the range they sent to me. I still use it daily and my skin is still loving it (although I still use other brands in combination with the Molton Brown) but now I’ve added the Vita B3 Eye Concentrate to my routine and am delighted that it lives up to my expectations.

Molton Brown Vita B3 Eye Concentrate

I have to admit I’d slacked a bit on my eye care recently and I had noticed things starting to look a bit wrinkly in that department, particularly when I was sorting out photographs for blog posts. I noticed an immediate improvement with this stuff.

15ml is £45, so its not a cheap product but there are some things I think are worth every penny and this is one of them.

Ingredients include Vitamin B3 and ash bark complex to combat dark shadows and puffiness along with a Tetra-peptide complex to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. I’m not going to profess to know what that is, only that it seems to do a great job.

An application in the morning immediately banishes shadows and puffiness and I swear that as time has gone on I’ve seen a definite decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

A lovely light weight gel serum that when the weather was hot I kept in the fridge for extra cooling benefits.  So far, this range can do no wrong for my skin at least.


*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    I used to really over look the eye area, until the middle of last year I didn’t use a specific eye cream with any kind of regularity and I have to say changing that has made a significant and very apparent difference so for me eye cream is a must and if I had £45 to spend on one I would do happily! x

  2. Jan says:

    I am really struggling with eye creams at the moment so this is very timely. Thankyou

  3. vanaja says:

    I am a regular follower of your blog. I like the stuffs and tips that you give.

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