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Well hopefully you saw my recent post featuring Pixi Fairy Face Palette in Pixi Bell I just had to buy a few more items from the Tinkerbell collection, so smitten was I.

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell
Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

As expected, the packaging and design is beautiful and whimsical, but what I was really interested in were the products. I loved the textures of the PixiGLOW palette so much I had high hopes for the rest of the range.  The three items I bought are as follows.

Straight On Till Morning Liner

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

A beautiful olive green pencil with an added dimension of a touch of coppery gold shimmer. Performs amazingly well and exactly as you would expect from the name. One line lasts all day, no smudging. It’s also a beautiful colour.

The next thing is the Catching Shadows Crayon

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

A champagne/gold/beige creamy pencil for your lid. It promises to be non-creasing and I have to say I used it as a base for the next product and it stayed put all day, no creasing. Very very gorgeous colour too.

The final item I bought was the Fairy Dust in Moonlight Lustre

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

The most stunning white gold loose pigment which a sponge applicator. This is beautiful, I layered it over the Catching Shadows Pencil to help it stay put but I’ve also tried it very sparingly on my cheekbones as a highlight. What a product. So gorgeous.

Swatches, just a couple of pics in different lights. Left to Right is the Liner, pencil and pigment.

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell
Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

A quick eye featuring all the above…

Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell
Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell

I’m so thrilled with these buys, they confirm just what I expected, Pixi is a brand I love. The products really perform and are beautiful.

I bought all of the above items from www.asos.com.

Tinker Bell Fairy Dust £10
Straight On Till Morning Liner £9.50
Catching Shadows Crayon £12

7 responses to “More Pixi PixiGlow Tinkerbell Make Up”

  1. Shen says:

    I love the eyeliner. It’s so pretty and a wonderful name!

  2. Nat says:

    Everything looks lovely in the eye look you created with all of the products, but the olive pencil looks particularly pretty! x

  3. ihavemostlybeen says:

    Yep, with everyone else – it’s all lovely but the olive eye liner is the stand out, looks gorgeous on you! x

  4. Replica says:

    How pretty, the colours work so well together, really suits you. I do tend to forget about Pixi, they seem to have had a bit of an image change compared to their early days, I’ll have to re-investigate the brand x

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