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You may remember a while ago I went out and bought Coconut Crush and Bubblegum scented polishes by Revlon and had mixed thoughts, the coconut one smelled nice enough, the colour was pretty but not wow and gave me lots of little air bubbles, I couldn’t stand the smell of the bubblegum variety but I am head over heels in love with the colour!

So anyway, Revlon sent me three to try out. Peach Smoothie, Pretty in Papaya and Ocean Breeze.

Revlon Scented Polish

The first I tried was Peach Smoothie. It smelled nice enough but the scent wasn’t very strong, but I do love the colour, its a gorgeous nude on me, wear was pretty good too!

Revlon Peach Smoothie

Then my favourite, Pretty in Papaya. Stunning colour! Absolutely stunning. A bright bright coral. Nearly red but not quite and the scent was gorgeous too. Actually it smelled so strong I didn’t immediately connect it with the varnish, as stupid as that sounds, I was looking around and trying to remember what I’d used in my manicure but it was this. The scent stayed strong for a couple of days but then started to diminish. Gorgeous formula on this one too.

Revlon Pretty in Papaya

Lastly, Ocean Breeze. Nice clean smell, not very strong though and a stunning colour, although I don’t wear these kinds of colours really, I do love them though. Unforunately, if you enlarge this picture you’ll see it’s absolutely choc full of air bubbles. I hadn’t shaken the bottle or anything, it just applied like this which is a big shame, I also had this problem with the Coconut Crush. Maybe it’s just me.

Revlon Ocean Breeze

All gorgeous colours, with nice scents, although only Papaya Punch smelled strong enough for me to not have to put my hand right up to my nostrils, and sadly I can’t recommend Ocean Breeze due to the awful bubbling, but the colour is amazing!

My top picks from all the ones I’ve tried have to be Pretty in Papaya and Bubblegum for the colour.

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0 responses to “More Revlon Scented Polish”

  1. nicoletta says:

    I love the fact they are scented although ive not tried them yet. The first nude colour looks beautiful xx

  2. Charli says:

    I like them…BUT…I think revlon animal tests which I don’t like..

  3. jaljen says:

    Like the look of Peach but Papaya looks too red on the nail.

  4. Tass says:

    Peach Smoothie looks amazing on you. I don’t like scented nail polishes because they really bother me, especially when I’m eating with my hands aka a sandwich and all I can smell is a chemically fruity scent.


  5. miss_violet says:

    Love the look of the Papaya! I’ve been looking for a nice warm red, and if it smells nice too that’s even better 🙂

  6. LilaVanilla says:

    What a fab idea – makes it more acceptable to paint your nails in public (on train etc) if it doesn’t smell totally horrendous!

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