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Make Up Atelier Paris isn’t a brand I had tried out before but trust me I’m going to be trying more from now on. I’m amazingly impressed with the bits I’ve been sent to try. The quality is exceptional as is the performance so I’m really delighted to share them with you today.

Make-Up Atelier Paris

I’m going to start with the eye shadow palette in Bois de Rose (T19). The colours are beautiful and perform really well alone, but over a primer they are unbelievable. They are water resistant apply like a dream.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Bois de Rose

Make-Up Atelier Paris Bois de Rose
There are 24 palettes to choose from meaning that there’s a palette for everyone. They retail at £25 each and I will without a doubt be looking at more. I’m so impressed.

Then there’s the Waterproof Gel Liner which I have in Black. It comes in loads of colours, 20 to be exact, so again there’s something for everyone.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Waterproof Gel Liner

Quite possibly the blackest black I’ve tried! It’s a strange texture, it’s very spongy to the touch so if you’re not careful you’ll plunge your brush right in so a light touch is all thats needed.  It is totally waterproof and can also be used as an eyeshadow base which I’ve not tried but would definitely consider buying the white or ivory shades for that purpose. These are £13 each.

The final eye product I’ve been trying out is the Waterproof Mascara.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Waterproof Mascara

All of this stuff is perfect if you’re going to the beach or to a humid environment. This black mascara isn’t the most volumising I’ve ever tried, no matter, it doesn’t budge. Not one bit. It’s £12.

I’m wearing all of the above here:

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris
Next we have the blush, dear god the blush! The HD blush in Red is to die for. I absolutely adore red blushers so I was excited to see this, but it’s also terrifying!

Make-Up Atelier Paris HD Blush

It’s light reflecting, but not shimmery and erm…you need like a pin head’s worth for a cheek. I’m not even kidding. On the swatch photo a little further down, the small drop on my hand? Way way way too much. This is £14 and comes in 11 shades, I would absolutely consider getting more of these.

Then finally there’s the lipstick in Gardenia.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Lipstick Gardenia

Make-Up Atelier Paris Lipstick Gardenia
Amazing formula. It’s waterproof and lasts all flipping day once applied. So impressed. These are £14.50 each and there are 15 shades to choose from.

Here are hand swatches of the blush and the lipstick. The top line is the lipstick and the two bottom ones are both the blush. The large circle is a tiny bit blended out a little. I literally dipped my finger in the blob on the right and dabbed it and rubbed it out, you need very little:

Make-Up Atelier Paris

And so all that remains is for me to show you how I’ve been wearing all of the above. And I’m wearing them all a lot, I’m seriously impressed!

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Love, what a fantastic brand and one that deserves to be very well known indeed. The quality is absolutely astounding and if you’re looking for make for your holiday, look no further.

All products available from http://www.makeupatelierparis.co.uk

Oh and PS: Cruelty Free!!

*Disclosure – all items received free of charge for review purposes*

4 responses to “Must Haves! Summer Make up With Make-Up Atelier Paris”

  1. Sascha BG says:

    That lipstick shade is sooo pretty and really suits you! Not sure I could get on board with a red blusher; I’m still trying to tone down the look of my acne scars and I’m thinking a red blush is not the way forward for me!

    You need to e-mail me your address by the way lovely as you won the Washi cloths: geek@beautygeekuk.com xx

  2. Janet says:

    I did a tertiary hair/beauty course about 8 years ago, and I’m pretty sure this is the brand we learnt our makeup application with. I remember the base products in particular were really easy to work with and blended amazingly. We did makeup on lots of different ages & styles, teenagers to my Mum who was in her early 60’s and the same brand worked on all of them. Nice to see this brand popping up & getting some recognition!

  3. You look gorgeous here Charlie… I’m loving the concealer palette but really want to try the eyeshadow now!

    Nic x

  4. Wow, everything looks fantastic and I’m so happy they’re cruelty free! x

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