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I thought today I’d do a post about my most favourite eyeshadow. I ummed and ahhed about whether to do so but in the end I decided to go with it and you’ll see why at the end.

Mac Smoke & Diamonds was a limited edition shadow from Mac’s Starflash collection a few years ago. I believe that it has made reappearances in the years since and it is well worth grabbing if you if it ever crops up again.

Mac Smoke & Diamonds

I really struggle to describe this shadow. It’s a taupe. No scratch that, it’s definitely an olive green shade. No no. It’s a grey. What the hell, lets just call this a taupey greeny grey!

Mac Smoke & Diamonds

Mac Smoke & Diamonds

It is a perfect colour for days where you just want one shade of shadow, it makes for the simplest smokey eye. But it’s incredibly versatile and looks greats with coppers, greys, golds, browns, pretty much everything.

I like to wear it alone on lazy days, teamed up with lashings of mascara and some kohl.

Mac Smoke & Diamonds

Mac Smoke & Diamonds

Mac Smoke & Diamonds
It does occasionally crop up on Ebay but it does tend to go for a pretty penny and it’s not currently available from Mac.

The good news is that there’s a pretty good dupe in Stila’s Diamond Lil shadow. I’ve not tried it but Pink Sith has and I trust her swatches implicitly!

As I say, if you ever find this, get it, otherwise, there’s another option there for you if this takes your fancy!

2 responses to “My Favourite Eye Shadow – Mac Smoke & Diamonds”

  1. loveaudrey says:

    This was my fave eye-shadow too! Wore it all the time with MAC Vex and Print. I actually wept when I knocked it off the side and it smashed 🙁

  2. Nina says:

    I love smoke and diamonds not only for the amazing, unique and hard to describe color- but also for its AMAZING texture. Love it! Have you had the opportunity to try MAC Sweet Sienna pigment (also LE)… it is a similar taupey hard to describe shade but leans almost mauvey. I need to bust out smoke and diamonds! Tomorrow!

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