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After what seems like an eternity my Fyrinnae order arrived today. It didn’t take an eternity at all. It’s just a case of a watched kettle type situation. Anyway, it arrived, very well packaged and I particularly liked the skull and crossbones tissue paper! I realise now looking at my samples that if I didn’t already, I now own enough eye colours to last me all of my lifetime and probably both of my daughters lifetimes.

Averaging $2 per sample, there’s enough there to keep me going for a long long time. I grabbed a big selection of shades, although I notice looking through them, most are neutral ish shades, browns, greys and so forth. Nearly all of them are very sparkly and I bought several of the arcane magic shadows which are duochromes. So pretty. So if you’re ready I’m going to take you through looking at close ups and swatches of all the shades I got. All are swatched on bare skin unless otherwise stated. The little black pot is a sample of Pixie Epoxy.

First up Boy Toy, Catrina Caberet, Atomic Afterglow, Calavera Cupcakes, Dinosaur Plushie, Rapunzel Had Extensions and Leshu:

Swatched in the above order:


Atomic Afterglow and Rapunzeld Had Extensions really stands out. I was completely unable to capture the pink in Catrina Caberet but trust me it’s there and very pretty.

Next Equality, Sugar Skulls, Madame & Evie’s, STFU, Te Amo, Immortality and Half-Elf Hottie:


And swatches in the same order:


You can’t tell from this pic but Immortality is AMAZING, see later for a better look at it, I’m also completely loving Half-Elf Hottie, again you can’t really tell but it’s cream with pink duo. Very nice. Te Amo is also a stand out.

Next up is Damn Paladins and Fire Opal:


And swatches:


Both of these are stunning but Fire Opal has this lit from within effect that is really stunning.

Also included in my samples were two freebies, in Ravens &Writing Desks and Leif:

I wouldn’t have chosen either of these, particularly the green, but I’m game!

So thats the entire order, really pleased, I wasn’t expecting them to swatch so well to be honest, I was expecting to have to use them on top of the Pixie Epoxy to get them to show up but I was pleasantly surprised. And speaking of the Epoxy, I simply had to show you two of my favourites swatched over it. I give you Immortality and Half Elf Hottie over Pixie Epoxy:

Do you see the rainbow coloured sparkle in Immortality? No? What about now?

Gorgeous huh?

I’ve had a little chance to play and as always, forgive the eyebrows, but I’m staggered how easy it is to create an eye look I’ve always wanted to be able to do. This is Atomic Afterglow and Rapunzel had extensions over Pixie Epoxy. I love it!


What do you think? Are you tempted by any? If you know a lot about this brand do you have any recommendations for me?

0 responses to “My Fyrinnae Order, Swatches & EotD. Pic Heavy!”

  1. Danielle says:

    Gorgeous! I have Immortality and Equality and absolutely love them both. Nice swatches too x

  2. Leanne says:

    Ooh you picked lovely colours! And Fyrinnae DO take about a million years to ship, haha. My favourites from this post are Te Amo and Damn Paladins. Is it just me or do you find it quite hard to blend over Pixie Epoxy?
    My favourite Fyrinnae shade I own is Love Potion, one of the Arcane Magic ones. Lovely stuff 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    Danieele, they are lovely aren’t they!

    Leanne, I love both of those colours, especially Te Amo. I found the shadows sort of naturally blended and needed very little work but when I wanted to blend out the dark edges that were a bit harsh they took a fair bit of work!

  4. Claire says:

    Are those just sample size pots or full? I have been looking at getting some for ages, but have never got around to it so would be nice to know if it’s worth me going for full sized or if a sample would be fine for now. x

  5. So pleased it worked out for you:) You spurred me on to order the Pixie Epoxy I hadn’t got round to ordering for months. Was amazed to get the order already, having decided it would be December before it arrived. Stops me doing the watched kettle thing that way. Just need five minute to have a play now! The blue lip lustre I tried was amazing though. Thanks for the shove. xx

  6. Charlie says:

    Claire, they are sample sizes and will last me a long long time. I would think that would be enough!

    Sparklz, thank you! Glad to have assisted you 😉

  7. Claire says:

    Excellent, they look like decent amounts so glad to know they are decent sizes. Just having problems getting my cart to keep things in now – arrgh! x

  8. Eplefe says:

    I’m glad you were happy with them. 🙂
    I recommend you try the lip lustres! They’re completely unique and I love them.

  9. Makeup Zombie says:

    Fyrinnae ROCKS! Have fun with them.

  10. I’ve not tried Fyrinnae for ages but I love their shadows and the lip lustres as well. I had fire opal and loved it!

    I uploaded two looks I did with their shadows here if you fancy looking? I can’t for the life of me remember what colours I used in the last two pictures though as I forgot to label them (and this was back from 2006 eek!!!)


  11. ModestyBrown says:

    I’ve never tried Fyrinnae but I am very tempted after seeing your swatches. There are some beautiful colours. I love the eye look you did too. This will be on my list to investigate in the new year.
    Jane x

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