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I know I’ve talked about my love for Guerlain’s Loose Powder Kohl’s before. I’m not sure how many I had at the time I last posted but I know for a fact my collection has expanded a wee bit. I think it’s fair to say that these applied “eastern style” (on both the upper and lower waterline) are perhaps my most beloved make up item. I don’t wear them every single day, but certainly several times a week and quite often I find myself thinking my look isn’t “complete” until I’ve whipped some on.

Guerlain Kohl

So thats the five I have. Left to right is Noir, Bleu, Oriental Metal, Secret Glow and Lagon. Words cannot express how displeasing I find it that the Secret Glow container isn’t transparent like the other pots. I don’t like it when things don’t match. Anyway, here’s some swatches in the same order, Noir, Bleu, Oriental Metal, Secret Glow and Lagon.

Guerlain Kohl

My favourites of them all are Noir which looks fabulous on and Oriental Metal which was a Ltd Edition but if you google you might find a few about.

I’ve raved about these in the past I know but they simply can’t be beaten for longevity. I can put this stuff on in the morning, wash my face at bedtime and look in the mirror and it’s still there! Now that’s fantastic you have to admit!

Applying the two dark colours can get a little messy so I always have a cotton bud to hand or even the Lord & Berry Eraser Pencil on hand to clean up fall out, but it’s so worth it. I’ll try and get some pictures of all of them on the eye over the next week or so and get those up too.

Next I need the long discontinued Pourpre and Oriental Bronze.

If you haven’t tried these yet then you must. At £20 a pop they are not cheap but my top tip is check ebay! I picked up the pale blue lagon on Ebay from a seller who clearly had no idea what it was and described it as a pretty blue eyeshadow in a fancy pot! It was less than a tenner new. 😉

0 responses to “My Guerlain Kohl’s Collection”

  1. tackyblueeyeshadow says:

    I’ve always wanted to try these but always put of by the price. They sound amazing though – I love long lasting products. x

  2. Nic (WarPaintGuru) says:

    I would love to see these on? Do you apply them in the traditional way by kinda blinking on them and swiping it thru? xxx

  3. Charlie says:

    Have a good hunt around for these Tackyblueeyeshadow x

    Nic, yes, I apply them that way. I think if you use the Guerlain label to search my posts (over there on the right) you can see a few of them on. I’ll try and get the rest of them done. xx

  4. ModestyBrown says:

    Fantastic bargain hunting there! I love the Oriental Metal one that I got. I find the eastern style very tricky as blob it everywhere but will keep on practising 🙂

  5. McLovin' says:

    Hi Charlie, I found your blog while searching reviews for Clinique Laser Focus serum. I easily got distracted by all the wonderful stuff here. Now I am in love with these Guerlain kohl thingys….my husband does not thank you! ha ha.

    So I went on Ebay and searched them….would you trust something from Singapore or Hong Kong? Something about it screams fake, but what do you think?

    Thanks, have a great day.


  6. Charlie says:

    Hi McLovin!

    I have seen the ones from overseas and I’m not sure I’d trust them. They do crop up fairly often from UK sellers at more reasonable prices, so keep checking!

  7. Anna Dasher says:

    Hello, I don’t know if this would be the right place to ask this but here goes:
    In 1992 my then boyfriend’s mom took me to Nordies for my prom make up. she bought me this Lancome liner in a color called “Metal Bleu”. It was the best color I have ever used. it lasted me into my 20’s then vanished!! Have u ever heard of it? Would there be any way at all to find it again?
    Thanks so much,

  8. Anna Dasher says:

    I am searching for a limited ed kohl eyeliner pencil from Lancome that was bought for me for my prom makeover in 1992.
    It’s called “Metal Bleu” and was the most amazing color EVER! If used light it was a light blue, bit if used heavy, it was the most amazing garnish grey blue that I can’t even describe. it’s like a mix of the noir and the oriental metal here.. but kind of teal-ish also.
    I lost it in my 20’s and now have like 30 eye pencils that just don’t do it. Laura Mercier in stormy is the closest.
    is there any way I could find this elusive color EVER again?

    • Charlie says:

      HI Anna, I asked my contact at Lancome for you, alas I have bad news, it was a limited edition Artliner and no long available 🙁

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