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23. 04. 2012

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Well by now I should think most of you now that my brows are a work in progress! I’ve been growing them out for a long time with Rapidlash and you can see my posts on that here. Much s I was pleased with my progress there was little doubt they needed whipping into shape by a pro before I got too handy with the tweezers and undid all my hard work. I’ve always known I wanted to get HD Brows done, but I didn’t know where I could get them done in Exeter. Turns out there are at least two places and I plumped for the local salon Wags Hair and Beauty.

The salon itself is in the heart of Exeter, is clean, pleasant and very friendly and recommended but the HD Brows themselves are done by Michelle Mansell who is based in Torquay but has regular HD Brow days at Wags.*

For those who don’t know what HD Brows are, here’s the low down. It’s a 7 step process to get your brows in shape, including tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading, pencil and make up and is a process much loved by celebs for creating perfect brows.

My appointment took about 45 minutes and Michelle was lovely and put me at ease immediately and the time flew by so fast while we chatted. It was almost completely painless, even the waxing, compared to my previous experience of threading which I found quite painful indeed, and I personally suffer a fair amount of redness and swelling afterwards which has usually disappeared within a couple of hours. I was consulted at various stages of the process to check they were how I wanted them, tinted the right colour and so on, so there was little chance of things not being how I wanted although I have to say, things would have had to have been pretty dire to not have been an improvement.

So lets have a look at some befores and afters! Hopefully this first one won’t need labelling as it should be obvious which is which!

HD Brows

The following pictures were taken the following day so they’ve not been made up to quite the same standard as they were in the salon, although my HD Brows palette is really getting a hammering now!

Before and After.

HD Brows
HD Brows

Before and After.

HD Brows
HD Brows

Before and After

HD Brows
HD Brows

To say I’m delighted is an understatement, I absolutely love them, but make no mistake, they are still very much a work in progress. I plan to get them redone every 4-6 weeks now to keep the shape and to remove or incorporate where appropriate new growth. I still have sparse areas that need to grow in, so as time goes on and the hair fills the gaps then they can only get better right?

Anyway, that’s enough for waffling, HD Brows, do it, I love mine so much I’m half tempted to do the training myself…but for as long as she comes to Exeter, I’ll be entrusting my brows to Michelle!

*Please note that Michelle is now based in Gloucester, her site, when it is up and running can be found here but until then you can get updates on her Facebook page, which is here.

0 responses to “My HD Brows”

  1. liloo says:

    oh wow, they look amazing! Definitely money well spent xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. ihavemostlybeen says:

    *frantically googles HD Brows Huddersfield* They look stunning, the effects of a well groomed brow can never be overstated and these are perfect, really frame your beautiful eyes, no wonder you are thrilled. I am nearly there with mine I think – I realised that plucking out all they grey brows (oh the shame) was a total fail when the inside corner of my left brow is entirely grey! Having let them grow in my brow is edging nearer the top of my nose so I need to get those grey ones tinted to blend in. Having been a clinique super fine liner fan for years I am tempted to try a wax and powder combo – I think probably still in conjunction with a pencil so this whole HD thing sounds right up my street thanks for the tip off as I had no idea what HD brows were!

  3. Amy says:

    Wow, they look brilliant. I used to get my brows done at an Asian salon with a lady who was brilliant but didn’t speak much English, so I could never really say how I wanted them. It’s nice that you were continually consulted! xx

    p.s. I like your eyeliner!

    • Charlie says:

      It was a great service I have to say! And the eyeliner is Estee Lauder Double Wear liner in Silver Zinc I think!

  4. I want to get this done so bad, my eyebrows are so unruly! Yours look so good! 🙂

    Frances xx


  5. They look beautiful! I’ve just had an arch waxed into mine which have completely transformed my face, I’m going to start taking more care of my brows in the future and leave the plucking to the pros!

  6. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger says:

    I really want mine done but struggling to find someone that near me…I was worried HD Brows would be really dark too but yours look natural, just groomed to within an inch of their life (in a good way!) 🙂

  7. Skin Scrubs says:

    Charlie you’ve inspired me to go for it! But now James seems to think they are going to glue something on my face like eyelashes! LOL

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