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I was recently invited along to Energy Hair to try out L’Oreal’s Summer Smooth Service. Perfect for my insane hair, this treatment promised your hair will be frizz free and smooth for four days, even at 80% humidity. My hair is like a frizz magnet. It only takes small amounts of humidity for my hair to start looking fluffy.

Here, take a look at my natural hair. This was prior to the treatment.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

So you see, frizz!

Occasion wise the treatment would be perfect for any weekend away, festivals, weddings, trips to the Eden Project, anything where you would normally expect the frizz to put in an appearance, and in terms of who the treatment is suitable for, well it’s ideal for dry, rebellious hair, prone to frizz, but it can be adapted for most hair types.

A word about the Salon, Energy. Energy is in Exeter, based at Dart’s Farm and it’s a really lovely salon and the staff are so friendly. My stylist was Amber who was warm, professional and really really good at blow drying. I also had the best hair wash of my life, in part thanks to Amber and in part thanks to this insane basin!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

That hood slowly changed colours and the seat delivered a massage. I’d go back to Energy for this alone! I’ve never seen anything like it before, but then I’ve not been to a salon in years either!

So the treatment is made up of products and and a piece of equipment called the Steampod.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

First up your hair is washed with the Liss Unlimited Shampoo. Then your hair is towel dried and the Liss Unlimited Masque is applied and left for 3-5 minutes before being rinsed away.  Your hair is then blasted dry, until only just touch dry and then finally 3-4 pumps of the the Liss Unlimited Double Serum is applied (please note the packaging now matches the Masque and Shampoo and the Serum shown is an old style bottle). However, if the hair is particularly dry then the Double Serum can be applied prior to drying, which it was in my case. The Liss Unlimited range  is fantastic and really does keep frizz at bay, treating it at the time of washing, but then keeping your hair frizz free until your next wash. It’s really moisturising, and contains Pro-keratin and Evening Primrose to repair, smooth and nourish, while Kukui nut oil protects from the humidity.

So my hair was amazingly blow dried by Amber. I’ve never had such bouncy hair! (sorry for the awful pic). If you’re anywhere near Exeter and you need a blow dry, go and see Amber, you won’t regret it!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

But we weren’t finished because then my hair was styled with the Steampod.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

The Steampod is a straightening iron that delivers a continuous stream of high pressure steam, which adds a long lasting smooth, glossy finish to the hair. And like your usual straighteners, you don’t have to just create straight hair, waves are also possible.

So the Steampod was used on my hair, especially on the ends, to seal the cuticles and I think, if I’m remembering correctly, a little more of the Double Serum was applied as a final step to add a touch more shine and to tame any fly aways.

I took these photographs as soon as I got home.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

So the big question is, how long did I stay frizz free, did it last the promised four days?

Well, Day two, I’d lost some of the beautiful volume Amber had so lovingly put into my hair, but there’s no denying it was frizz free and smooth and shiny!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth
Day three, well it’s like Amber never touched my hair, all her lovely work was gone and my ends had started to get fluffy, but the roots and top of my hair (where I get the worst of the frizz) was indeed still smooth and mostly frizz free.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

Unfortunately at about the half way through Day 3 mark my hair was just so dirty I needed to wash it, but regardless I was super impressed with the whole experience. I know if I’m away for a weekend or wedding or something I’ll definitely go for this treatment and leave my straighteners at home and at £15-£20 approximately depending on your local salon, it’s not too expensive either.

You can also get the effect at home as you can buy all the Liss Unlimited products from your local L’Oreal Professionnel salon.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

The Double Serum is £13.25, The Shampoo is £9.85 and the Masque is £13.25. I’ve actually got on really well using these, they certainly seem to have been keeping the frizzies away, here’s my hair after using them.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

You can also buy a consumer version of the Steampod, but I’ll have to save up if I want one of those at £150…but I’m tempted. I’d love an alternative to my straighteners and this is ideal since it’s gentler and it’s a hydrating kind of heat thanks to the steam, but we shall see on that front!

All in all I’ve got nothing bad to say about the L’Oreal Summer Smooth treatment, it was truly excellent and it’ll last as long as you can go without getting your hair wet. I put mine to the ultimate test by taking a shower on day two without getting my hair wet but there was lots of humidity of course, and you can see from the day two pics that it didn’t affect it at all.  Very impressive indeed. I don’t think it should be called Summer Smooth though as it’d be equally as valuable to me in Spring or Autumn!

I also can’t praise Energy Hair (the site is down at the time of writing) enough, the service was fantastic and it’s a lovely friendly salon. I’ll definitely go back.

To find your local L’Oreal Professionnel Salon, to either book in for the treatment or to purchase the products you can either call 0800 072 6699 or visit www.lorealprofessionnel.co.uk.

*Both the treatment and the products were provided to me free of charge for review purposes and as always this has had no impact on my integrity or honesty*

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  1. Shubha Juyal says:

    Ooo!! All styled up hair looks great on you!!
    Great post!! 🙂

  2. Hobbit84 says:

    well, finally something that really looks to work on keeping frizz at bay! 🙂

  3. Annabella Freeman says:

    Wow that amazing! James looked over my shoulder and he even he impressed too 😀

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