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Ah the nude lip, once upon a time finding the the perfect nude lip shade was every beauty blogger’s goal, but times have changed somewhat and we no longer want to wear a nude lip as much, but it is something that is handy to always have. Nude lips can make a perfect partner to the endless releases of neutral eye shadow palettes brands are throwing at us at the moment.

However, finding a nude lipstick to suit me turned out be difficult. Every shade looked wrong on me, at first I thought it was because my lips are so pigmented, and because I’m so pale, but it turns out that me and really warm shades just are never going to suit me, no matter how much I try and make them, because my skin is decidedly cool toned. So, if you’re pale, have a cool skin tone and have pigmented lips, you’re not going to find the search for a nude shade very easy.

I did however find one.  The catch is, and I might as well get this out of the way at the beginning of the post, I can’t find it anywhere to buy anymore. This is because the lipstick, Altered Beige by Mac, was limited and from the Mac Temperature Rising collection in 2013. Not even Ebay has been my friend. But before you go, please have a read of the post… do you know anything that will work as a dupe?

The packaging was lovely, a bronze matte, soft touch finish.

P1160730Inside is a lipstick that looks like an absolute horror!

P1160729It looks like a shell pink frosty finish. Actually, Altered Beige is a lustre finish, one which I’ve historically not got along with at all, and although there’s a hint of shimmer, its not frosty or shimmery really, neither is it pink. I believe it’s official description was “yellow beige” and I am not sure what possessed me to buy it. Pale, urgh, shimmery, urgh, lustre finish, urgh…but buy it I did and I absolutely love it.

P1160732Lustre finishes by Mac are slightly sheer but buildable and the reason I dislike them so much is that I’ve always found they just apply unevenly. This does not. I also don’t like sheer finishes in this sort of shade because of the colour of my lips, they always end up looking odd. But in my opinion this does not.

P1160746It’s just perfect.

So, despite having just written a post about a lipstick you can’t actually get (sorry!) I’m hoping someone out there might have some suggestions for dupes so that I can get a back up?

Thank you!

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