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14. 03. 2013

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I’ve alluded to my bad skin woes lately quite a few times, especially on Twitter, but as yet I’ve not really taken the time to write about what’s been going on in any detail here.

So brace yourself for grim photos of bad skin, news of skin saving products and a make up free photograph I’m proud of but should still probably come with a warning.

So to start at the beginning. Ever since I started my periods (apols for the TMI), I’ve suffered with hormonal outbreaks. Nothing too major. A few spots around my time of month and that’s about it. Fast forward many years to me post having children and my hormonal side effects started to get much worse. Not only the spots, but migraines, mood swings and all the other side effects we all know and love.  It started off with the spots becoming worse, not more frequent, but instead of the usual whiteheads and whatnot, a distinct increase in cystic spots. You know the ones, like having a pea under your skin that never come to a head and take weeks to go. So whilst the spots weren’t coming all month round, they were lasting all month round.  Then things took an even bigger turn for the worse when in the last three or four months the spots started to appear and last all month round, so I was never without small spots, cystic spots, pimples and so on. At any age this is distressing, at the ripe old age of 38 you really hope you’ll be past the spot stage and it’s incredibly difficult to find products that can deal with my type of skin…looking for a product that’s suitable for older skin, tackles spots and dry patches is nigh on impossible, despite the claims of manufacturers… trust me I know. I’ve tried lots. Then along came Dr Murad. I’d heard good things about the brand and they offered to help me out.

I had to send them photographs of my skin along with lots and lots of information. All of which I thought was great, as it meant they really wanted to understand what was going on with my skin rather than just sending out their products for spot prone skin, they wanted to put together a regime that would really suit ALL of my issues, along with advice for my lifestyle (eat more fruit and veg and drink more water!).

So they came up with a recommended regime for me, and offered to send me two products off the list.

Murad Skincare Review

So I chose the Age-Diffusing Serum and the Anti Ageing Moisturizer for blemish prone skin.  In addition I then purchased the Time Release Blemish Cleanser.

Murad Skincare Review

I’ve now been using the products for a month and a half and feel in a position to write about them.

Okay so the Time Release Blemish Cleanser (£29) is a really gentle cleanser which continually releases blemish treatment throughout the day whilst hydrating to help minimise the signs of ageing. It’s got a minty feel on the skin and lathers very very gently, I’m not even sure if you can call it a foam really. It lifts every last scrap of make up off my face although I do tend to need to use an eye make up remover as well (depending on my mascara). It doesn’t leave my face feeling tight or dry, just clean!

Then the Age Diffusing Serum (£64). This is a plant based serum with a gorgeous fruity scent and is designed to address menopausal challenges, such as dry, dull skin, excess facial hair, breakouts, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. I love this product. I’m not menopausal, but I do suffer with many of those symptoms above and I feel this lightweight serum works really well. It spreads easily over the skin and absorbs very well leaving no residue except for smooth soft skin.

Finally the Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF20 (£49). This is the dream product for my skin. Just what I was after. A moisturiser for older skin but that tackles blemishes. This minimises oil production but promotes collagen production. I find this, combined with the serum, does a more than adequate job of moisturising my skin. Other moisturisers I’ve tried in the past for blemish prone skin have not been moisturising enough for me. This is.  It leaves no residue on my skin, banishes dry patches and flaky bits left over from spots and as I say, leaves my skin feeling soft.

So do they work? Well you can probably tell from the title of the post, if not the unwitting bias in the post so far but my god, yes.

There’s no better way to explain just how well than to you show you which means you are going to have to look at some less than desirable photographs.  The first is of my chin, a week after starting my regime. It’s not pretty, but it’s better than it was a week before. The spots are drying up, and red and the big cystic one is drying and flattening out, but it’s a gauge of how bad things were before I started.

Brace yourself….

Murad Skincare Review

Then imagine this about twice as bad, which is as bad as it usually gets.

And now, make up free (except mascara) five weeks later.

Murad Skincare Review

Really there are no words for how pleased I am and I don’t feel this review needs any more words about the amazingness (!) of the products. The photographs speak for themselves. I haven’t been completely blemish free for months and months now. Many months. And now I’ve been mostly blemish free for weeks.

Regarding my time of the month, I still got spots. Remarkably there wasn’t one cystic spot amongst them, there were about three small spots, all of which cleared in double quick time. Very impressive.

Now I think this range is very expensive and it’s not one of those brands were a little goes a long way either. Not that you have to use a lot of product, I’d just say it was a normal amount, which means I think, looking at how much product I have left, I’ll be looking to replace the serum and moisturiser every two and a half months approximately and the cleanser will last a lot longer as you actually don’t need much of that. But it is worth every single penny. No doubt. And I’ve already put money aside to replenish my stock as I can’t just come up with that kind of money on short notice. But as I say, it’s worth it, and I’ll pay it. Your skin is so important and blemishes on the skin can affect your self esteem so badly, to have clear skin is worth saving up for!

I can’t recommend this brand highly enough.

There is a 20% Sale off on the Murad website now I’ve just discovered so head over now for some bargains and it looks like they’ve now introduced free shipping, which they didn’t have when I placed my order. Hooray!

If you’re not sure what products you need, there’s a questionnaire on the site to help you out and the gifts and kits are a more budget friendly way of getting started too.

*Disclosure – the Serum and Moisturiser were sent to me free of charge for review purposes*

6 responses to “Murad Skincare Review”

  1. beano54 says:

    A great review
    I have just turned 37 never had spot issues in teens not sure medication or pmt but really gets you down hate looking in the mirror as just depresses you people think spots are just a minor issue but really affects your life
    Will be trying these products for clear skin I would be willing to pay this amount
    Will let you know how I get on if that is ok

  2. Helen Gray says:

    The past few month this has been happening with my skin. One consultant said it was stress and not using a consist regieme (which then started her sales blurb – snore). The same as you there are all around my jawline and just looked depressing even my make up has looked bad. I think this’ll be worth investigated and bravo for the bravery of the photos x

    • Charlie says:

      Usually when I put up anything like this I get trolled :/ but yes, I@d highly recommend, I’ve tried so many things, and this just worked, quite quickly too!

  3. Delighted for you Charlie – your skin really does look amazing! I’m a huge Murad fan too – everything I’ve tried by them has impressed me.

    Nic x

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