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Actually, it’s not week three at all but as I’ve labelled the pictures that way then thats how I’ll leave it, (its actually the end of week two). I’ve been trying to post this all night but the internet is proper crappy here today. boo.

Anyway, as you know, after weeks of biting followed by a couple of weeks of false nails I decided it was high time to get my nails in order and especially now as I have some polishes to play with. Anyway, just as a reminder this is how they looked when I removed the false nails.

As you can see, not pretty. So below is how they look now after two full weeks of OPI Nail Envy and Lush’s Lemony Flutter. It’s not such a great improvement on last week’s update but a HUGE improvement on the first pic. Really pleased, at this rate I’ll have something to paint with my polishes soon! Operation Nail Repair is going well.


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