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acrylic nails exeter

Just wanted to do a little post about my nails as I’ve not done a nails post for god knows how long! The truth is that actually my nails have been so crap for a couple of years and despite trying so many products I’ve given up for now and have been getting acrylic extensions after seeing Tiff’s work on Facebook.

Tiffany Adamou runs Cutie Cuticles from a lovely little purpose built nail room in her house, it’s warm and cosy and most importantly, clean! If you’re looking for acrylic nails in Exeter, then look no further.

Cutie CuticlesYou’ll get a warm welcome when you visit Cutie Cuticles because Tiff is lovely, she’s so friendly and chatty, if you struggle meeting new people she’ll put you at ease immediately, but most importantly she’s brilliant at her job. Nothing is too much trouble and she’ll go out of her way to make sure you have the nails you really want, each nail is shaped and polished to perfection, if she’s not happy with something (which doesn’t really happen!) but if something isn’t quite right, you won’t leave until it is perfect. You can’t beat that for customer services.

acrylic nails exeter acrylic nails exeter acrylic nails exeter

As well as doing acrylics, gel polish manicures are also on offer with prices you can’t beat. A full set of acrylics will set you back £25 and includes your gel polish.

Pleased to say as a result of having my nails done, I feel better and I’ve made a new friend. I wouldn’t go anywhere else so if you’re in Exeter be sure to check out the Cutie Cuticles Facebook Page for more information.

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