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There are a couple of lovely offerings from Nails Inc this Christmas.

Loving this little set called The Stylists.

Nails Inc Christmas Gifts

A selection of mini glitters and shimmers perfect for the party season, this set is £15, seems to have sold out in lots of places but have found it at a sale price of £12.75 on the Debenhams website.

The most fabulous set is this one though, The Paparazzi.

Nails Inc Christmas Gifts

I can’t think there are many people who wouldn’t love this. Neons, Nudes, shimmers and glitters, there’s something for everyone and I’ve had great fun playing with these. These are all minis and the set retails at £39.50.

Nails Inc Christmas Gifts


Nails Inc Christmas Gifts

There are other gorgeous Christmas gifts available at the Nails.Inc Christmas Shop, so do take a look.

Not technically a gift but I wanted to mention this here as well as it’s my new hand love. The Kensington Caviar Hand Lotion. £15.

Nails Inc Christmas Gifts

I use this on my hands every night and pure Argan Oil on my cuticles and my hands are transformed. I cannot praise this highly. I must say that one of the things i love about this is the scent, it reminds me of something in my past and makes me very nostalgic but so far I’ve been completely unable to recall what it reminds me off, all I know is that it’s nice!

Take a look at the latest offerings from Nails Inc. Lovely stuff.

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  1. liloo says:

    i need to do this ‘nude’ mani with the gradient golden tips. so so pretty!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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