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Cripes! It’s been ages since I’ve done a nails of the day post! I recently bought a new one though so popped it on and thought I’d share. It’s Essie’s Coat Azure from the Spring 2011 collection. A very beautiful bright blue with shimmer.

Indoors (and the most accurate representation of the colour)

Essie Coat Azure

And outside:

Essie Coat Azure

It’s a very lovely mid blue with very subtle shimmer, not incredibly different to last summer’s (?) Lapis of Luxury, its a bit bluer and the shimmer does set it apart really. One coat was streaky, two was perfection.

Having said all that, I have no idea why I bought it as I really don’t like these shades on me. I love the colour and it looks gorgeous on the nail but I can’t help feeling like this is a colour for teenagers and that it makes me a bit mutton-dressed-as-lamb-ish…

What say you? Can 36 year old mum’s wear these shades or do they look a bit desperate?

Anyway, my insecurities aside, if you like blues, you should probably get this, it’s lovely.

0 responses to “Nails of the Day – Essie Coat Azure”

  1. That’s a gorgeous, gorgeous blue!
    I’d wear it any day of the week and I’m beating you by 5 years 😉

  2. jaljen says:

    Very pretty. Anyone can wear any colour, can’t they? I do but I’m a mess. Doesn’t matter much when you’re 55.

  3. Debbie says:

    lmao – 36 yrs old and too old for blue, you need to wait til tmrw to see what I am wearing in my nail related post, and I’m 44! I think that is an incredible colour and that it really suits you and anyway who says there’s a cut off point at which you can wear colour, have you never read “When I’m an old Woman, I shall wear purple”?? Believe me I intend to be a craggy old dear sporting neon nails if at all possible! x

  4. Charlie says:

    Debbie, I don’t mind any other colour. Its only blues (except dark and very light blues) that I have this problem with and I don’t mi9nd them on anyone else!

  5. Coco Tai says:

    This is the prettiest polish I’ve seen in a while! Essie always does pastels/girly colors well!


  6. Skin Scrubs says:

    I think the blue looks lovely on your nails. I can understand why you might question being able to wear this kind of colour when you are older as I felt the same way when I bought some blue varnish recently and I’m 40.

    However it only looks teenagery if it’s chipped and left on for ages! lol

  7. Gorgeous colour and it looks lovely on you. I don’t think you’d look MDAL at all!

  8. JadeyLou says:

    Oh my, I’m still going to be wearing colours like this into my 80s!

  9. Jo says:

    This is a lovely colour for spring!! And not mutton-ish at all, it’s a sad day when people decide they’re “too old” for pretty colours, completely unfounded in my opinion 😀 xxx

  10. Rocaille says:

    I’m wearing a similar shade today, China Glaze’s Secret Peri-wink-le, and I do understand your hesitation… But I have the same problem with blue eye make-up, I just feel it looks very young and not necessarily in the best of tastes! I don’t mind it on others though (most of the time, anyway). x

  11. Jennifer Leigh says:

    That blue looks *really* nice on you!

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