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Naked Truth Skincare by Darren McKeown ReviewI’m always interested in new skincare. I’ve yet to be torn away from the Estee Lauder eye creams, serums and moisturisers but I’m anyones so far as face masks and cleanser go. I like to try new things. And so as the buzz has built about Dr Darren McKeown’s new range has started to grow so has my interest Dr McKeown is a real doctor, a skincare and cosmetic specialist and has produced a new range of five products all scientifically proven to work and make a visible difference to the skin. No promises of miracles, no fancy packaging (although it is beautiful), no exaggerated claims of miracles just products that do as they say on the tin as it were.
The range includes an Age resistant Cleanser, Face Renewal Mask, Age Resistant Moisturiser, Intensive Care for Tired Eyes and Facial Rehydration Fluid. It’s not a cheap range, but it’s not astromonical either and if it works, well then skincare, along with foundation, is something I believe that within reason money isn’t a consideration (provided you can afford it!).
Naked Truth Skincare by Darren McKeown Review
The Naked Truth Age Resistant Cleanser (£17.99/150ml) is an anti ageing foaming cleaner to remove dirt and make up as well as exfoliating the skin thanks to alpha hydroxy acides. Daily use can help  improve skin texture and gradually reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I haven’t noticed any reduction in my fine lines at all but the cleanser is a pleasure to use. I find you don’t need much but unless you use plenty it can be hard to get a lather going. Skin left super clean and soft and literally all traces of make up gone. Very nice. Nice clean smell too.
Naked Truth Skincare by Darren McKeown Review
The other product I tried was the Naked Truth Face Renewal Mask (£21/50ml). A mask for weekly use to exfoliate, boost radiance and soothe. Containing finely crush olive stones for exfoliation and an infusion of minerals for  radiance and waterlilly for soothing. You leave this stuff on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off revealing… gorgeously soft skin. That lasts. The ground olive stones don’t feel at all abrasive on your skin and the mask itself is creamy and light. It’s not the sort of mask that dries on your skin, it stays creamy and as you rinse it off it feels gorgeous.
Highly recommend this mask and a look around at other blogs, such as A Model Recommends, British Beauty Blogger and Skin Deep confirms that others agree with me. This mask is beautiful.
If you’re looking for something special that works and at a reasonable price you can’t do wrong by trying this range out, and I’ll be watching this brand with interest to see if the range expands at all. Gorgeous Stuff. Also worthy of a mention is the gorgeous minimal packaging, worthy of a spot on a bathroom shelf. The glass jar of the mask is especially lovely.
Out now from http://www.superdrug.com/ Check it out!

*Disclosure – these products are PR samples

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  1. jaljen says:

    I dunno. I hate spending big money on skin care. It seems so boring. I like my salt and almond oil home-made scrub plus some sunscreen.

    I’ll spend money on pretties like nail polish and perfume and lippie though….

  2. Anonymous says:

    personally I spend more on skin care, no amount of pretty make up will look good on band skin

  3. Anonymous says:

    have just finished my first jar of dr mckeon,s moisturiiser and cannot find the product anywhere !!!what am i to do ? it has been great for my skin. I need more !none in my branch of superdrug !

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