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More blog sale shopping! People please keep selling your Nars in blog sales, I love it! I’ve been so lucky in the last few months with grabbing great bargains in people’s blog sales and my two latest additions were Nars Eyeshadow Duos in Eurydice and Melusine.

Lets have a look at Eurydice first. This a permanent product.

Nars Eurydice
Nars Eurydice
 A dark grey/pale black with a slight shimmer and burgundy shade with an amazing purple flash. Very pretty but this is one duo you have to apply very carefully and I’m not at all sure I’ve cracked it. One wrong move and you’re sporting the ultimate in black eyes, the bruised kind…. they are just those kinds of colours. I’m going to have to practice a lot more with this, but for now here’s a quick look at them in action.
Nars Eurydice
Nars Eurydice
 What do you think of that grey hair around my ear by the way? Actually it’s not grey, its foundation but I do get a lot of grey around my hair line… I’m toying with the idea of going grey naturally… Anyway, I like this duo, it’s very pretty and that purple flash is very subtle but there, just adding a touch of dimension to an otherwise fairly flat duo (not that thats a bad thing!).
So on to Melusine. I believe this was a Holiday 2010 duo, but it’s still available on the Nars site so I’m not sure if it’s been made permanent.
nars Melusine
nars Melusine
 A shimmery silvery taup with a hint of lilac (which is a beautiful colour) and matte purple. The purple is quite chalky and I have to admit I found the duo quite hard to apply as you will see in the following pictures, the purple is quite patchy. It’s a nice duo and worth it for the shimmer alone and I’ve literally only tried it once so I’ll have to play a bit more when I have some more time and see if I can get the matte shade to perform a bit better! Anyway, take a look.
nars Melusine

On the whole pretty pleased with both of these duos but neither are foolproof and both take a bit of work and at the prices I paid for them you really mustn’t grumble!

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  1. KennethSoh says:

    NIce duos but like you said very tricky bruisey colours! You’ve used them well though and I actually love these colours and did a shoot ages ago using specifically bruise like colours to do a sexy glamorous bruised eye! Haha thanks Charlie, as always pleasure to read. x

  2. liloo says:

    the greying pink from eurydice is just stunning!!! xx

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