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I love love love Nars and back along, when the Summer collection was launched, the PR’s told me that I’d love the Fall collection and I’ve been patiently waiting ever since!

Well, they were and weren’t right. The bits I like, I REALLY like, but I wasn’t tempted by everything this season like I have been by the last two collections. So normally, I might receive a couple of things from the PR’s and then I’ll buy the rest of the collection or as much as I can afford…this time however I didn’t purchase anything outside of what I was sent. Although I love the look of some of the other bits, but I knew they wouldn’t suit me.

Nars Fall 2011

Anyway, I’m waffling now. Lets have a closer look at these three items. You can find hand swatches of all at the bottom of this post.

First up Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick (£18.50)

nars Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick
nars Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick
nars Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick

Gorgeous. I love Matte lips, I know I’m always banging on about how it’s my favourite finish and I find Nars Matte products to be inconsistent, not in a bad way, they just vary in how matte they are, and this is on the creamier side, compared to say Madere. It’s also a gorgeous colour. It’s described as a rose pink, but I’d say it was more of a muted coral. It’s not too muted though. I’m wearing it in all the following pictures, to give you a better idea of how it looks in relation to my whole face!

Next,  (£23.50). I’m really sorry about the full face pictures.

Nars Grand Palais Eyeshadow Duo
Nars Grand Palais Eyeshadow Duo
Nars Grand Palais Eyeshadow Duo
Nars Grand Palais Eyeshadow Duo

Described as Silver Taupe and Dusty Rose and I have to say I wasn’t at all sure how the pink shade was going to work on me.  But I love it! The pink is matte and the gorgeous taupe is a shimmer and the two work really well together. The wear on these is as always great and this is no exception. Long wearing and no creasing and good pigmentation. Love this.

But here’s my favourite. The Delphes Eyeshadow Trio (£33) (You might need to enlarge some of these pics)

Nars Delphes Eyeshadow Trio
Nars Delphes Eyeshadow Trio
Nars Delphes Eyeshadow Trio

A shimmery peachy pink, a shimmery green and a matte grey. Such a pretty combination of colours and I’m always drawn to a shimmery pale green.  I LOVE this trio. I went for grey in and above the crease, the pink in the inner corner of the lid and the green on the outer 2/3 of the lid. I found they blended well and although subtle, it’s a really pretty selection of colours. It’s a great way of wearing some colour if you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. I know that this hasn’t had great reviews across the board, so I approached it with some trepidation but can honestly say this works really well for me.

Here are hand swatches of all of the above, hopefully self explanatory…

So the three things I was sent to review, I love. There are other things in the collection I ummed and ahhed about buying, the stunning blue single eyeshadow Outremer, but reality check, I don’t go out… where am I going to wear it! I also like the look of the Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, but again, I would never have the chance to wear it and I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t suit me. Then there’s the Mascate Pure Matte Lipstick – it looks absolutely stunning but I have so many red lipsticks I can’t justify buying another. The only other things I am fancying the look of is the Pago Pago lipstick and the Oasis gloss…maybe I might just get those…but if I get Oasis gloss, I simply must have the blush too…decisions decisions!

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed look at these products. Maybe I’ll be back with an updated post when I buy (sorry – I mean if I buy) the gloss and lipstick (and blush).

Does anything from this season’s collection take your fancy?

0 responses to “Nars Fall 2011 – Grand Palais, Delphes and Montego Bay”

  1. Lipstick Luvvie says:

    I’ve bypassed this collection so far as I have yet to properly wear anything I got from spring or summer, but the things I am tempted by are the three products you’ve reviewed. I love the lipstick and the eye shadows look pretty, but not too sure if they would suit me. Might be a case of waiting to see them in person. Love how they look on you, especially the lipstick x

  2. Amanda says:

    i felt the same way about the collection. the eyeshadows here are the only things i was tempted by, but i still passed. can’t wait to see what nars will come up with for the holiday collection. the shadows and lipstick do look lovely on you though!!


  3. Jo says:

    oooo the trio is niiiice. The duo looks nice on you but i won’t be buying it, most pinks look horrid on me and the few that don’t, i never really love them anyway.

    I want the Mascate Pure Matte Lipstick! I think that’ll be the only thing i get from this collection tbh, i just can’t get excited thinking about autumn!! xx

  4. Missey says:

    Thank you for the fantastic swatches! I would have never even tried Grand Palais, but after seeing your look with it, I had to try…it is an absolutely beautiful, neutral duo. I love it! I paired it with Dolce Vita on my cheeks and Pago Pago on my lips…I look quite polished and fresh! Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Charlie says:

    Missey, that’s fab! I’m so pleased you love it! I really must get round to trying Dolce Vita, and I’d love Pago Pago too!

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