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I’ve spoken before about my unwillingness to purchase Nars Multiples at their full retail price. I like them well enough but I know I wouldn’t use them often enough to warrant the £29 price tag…

Nars Multiple Tint Beverly Hills Review
Last year, last Summer I believe Nars released three new Multiples, the Tints in sweetie bright colours but that actually applied sheer and I wanted them all…but I just couldn’t spend the money on them. Generally speaking they are not still available although there are a few stores that have one or two dotted around if you search hard enough.

I was lucky enough to grab Beverly Hills in a blog sale not so long ago. I do mean grab too, my little fingers have never typed so fast when I saw it listed.

Beverly Hills might be terrifying to some given that it looks bright bright red in it’s tube. Not me though, I embrace the red!

Nars Multiple Tint Beverly Hills Review

These have a different feel to the normal multiples, feeling wetter and more balm-y, and as such they work best on top of a cream foundation or bare skin. They do work fine on powder, but they are at their dewy best without. Essentially these have a similar look when applied to a stain, rather than an opaque colour and is buildable…up to a point.

Here it is lightly applied:

Nars Multiple Tint Beverly Hills Review

What is really nice about this product is that you can get a glowy, dewy look without having to have iridescence or shimmer. This just lightly shines on your skin.

I’m actually a bit sad these haven’t made the permanent line as I’d love to have the Orange one… although I may just have spied it on the Selfridges site….

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  1. Lipstick Luvvie says:

    Strangely enough I skipped these, can’t remember my reasoning now, although is more than likely I’d overspent on Chanel! Am wishing I had tried at least one now though having seen how good it looks on you xx

  2. Holly Arabella says:

    I would be super afraid to use this on my skin also! It really suits you but would look so so terrible on me.

  3. luv2smilexo says:

    o man I wanted the orange one too. so gorgeous 🙂

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