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Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

My skin is in dire need of a moisture boost right now so in theory this brand new mask should be just what the doctor ordered, but while my skin is so unhappy with it’s acne, I can’t bring myself to try this out just now so this isn’t a review alas. Although as I’m typing I’m thinking to myself, my nose is very dry and I never get spots on my nose, maybe I can just use it on my nose!

Anyway, with the onset of winter and the increase in central heating everywhere, many of us can be a bit prone to dryness and the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is just what you need and I’ve got to say really appeals to the lazy girl in me.

You simply put this on before bed, get slumbering and in the morning…nothing! No you don’t need to wash it off because it will have been absorbed throughout the night to leave you moisturised, smooth and supple! But of course, you will wash your face any way right?!

I personally think this sounds wonderful and I’m just disappointed that I can’t really try it out at the moment…I’m saving it though for if and when my skin ever recovers!

Available now, a 100ml tube will set you back £28.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

5 responses to “New Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask”

  1. stiperstones says:

    £28 for 100ml, that sounds like good value. May have to try that one out.

  2. mndy says:

    I love Clinique! I’m using Redness solutions at the moment. It’s my second jar. I finished 2 jars of Moisture Surge last year and it’s wonderfull stuff. Going to take a look at this mask soon!

  3. Bonnie Li says:

    My skin definitely needs moisture due to the extremely cold weather. Thanks for recommending!

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