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Max Factor have recently released a range of accessories including make up brushes, tweezers, nail files, eyelash curlers, that kind of thing. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a selection of the products.

Max Factor AccessoriesMax Factor Accessories

First of all I love the design, the metal items are matt black and the brushes are super shiney and tactile. They all look very stylish.

Powder Brush £14
This is my favourite of all the items, big, soft. fluffy, picks up a decent amount of powders and distributes it lightly and evenly with no shedding.

Eyeshadow Brush £6
Neat little brush, perfect for putting a wash of colour over the whole lid, picks up a lot of product so you have to tap or blow off the excess. Again, no shedding, brilliant for the price!

Lip Brush £6
Love this, metal brush, does the job perfectly. I find lip brushes are the worst for shedding usually, there is nothing worse than brush hairs stuck in your lipstick, but that problem ususally rears its ugly head after a fairly long time, so watch this space!

Tweezers £8.50
Another stylish product, they do a good job of gripping and pulling out the hairs. I must confess I struggled a little short fine hairs, but then I always do.

Eyelash Curlers £8.50
Unfortunately the only product I simply couldn’t get on with at all. In short the curved bit you put your eyelashes in is too long for me. I don’t have small eyes or anything but the whole thing won’t fit in my eye socket, therefore I can barelyget it anywhere near the tips of my lashes and I have long lashes! If I do manage to wedge it in and clamp half my lashes, the other end pinches my skin as it closes. I can’t recommend this particular product at all unfortunately. Never had this problem with lash curlers before!

There are 6 more products in the range, brushes, nail clippers and a nail file. Overall, I’d say this range is kind to your purse and well worth checking out. It’s a basic range, there are only two different eyeshadow brushes, but if you are starting out a brush collection or just want to fill yours out, theses are definitely worth looking at. Except the lash curlers, unless you have very large eye sockets!

0 responses to “New Max Factor Accessories!”

  1. Jo says:

    Ooo fantastic! I currently have some winging there way to me at the moment, this post has made me super excited now! hehe.


  2. Danielle says:

    The powder brush looks fab! as do the eyelash curlers, thanks for the review think ill give the curlers a miss but have a go with the face brush. The face brush looks similar to the elf studio complexion brush id love to see the comparison 🙂

  3. Get Gawjus! says:

    wow looks so chic!

  4. The Bristol Beauty Blog says:

    They look great, and quite reasonable as well x

  5. Charlie says:

    Jo, they are nice!

    Danielle – treat yourself!

    Get Gawjus- they are!

    Thenks BBB!

  6. Jan says:

    Like the sleek black metal look of them, not a bad price either. I think Revlon implements get good reviews too.

  7. Lillian Funny Face says:

    Great review, the powder brush looks fab! But personally i’ve never had a lip brush shed on me!

  8. ~Lisa says:

    Aww, too bad Max Factor isn’t available in Canada and it got discontinued in USA


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