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I don’t like fake tan much. I just can’t seem to get on with any brand at all. I do have successes with gradual tans but a proper fake tan will never be for me unless I pay to let some else do it… so as a brand, generally speaking, St Tropez doesn’t ever really catch my eye, until I received a press release a week or two ago announcing they are launching a couple of new lines. Firstly a brand new SPF range. This does interest me, I’m pale and freckly so I look after my skin in the sun and never mind the fact I have a brand new tattoo that needs looking after and protecting from the sun. There are face and body products in the new range, of varying SP Factors.
I was sent the SPF 30 Body with Tan Enhancer (£20). Obviously, given the weather lately and my lack of outdoors activity I’ve not really had chance to give this a thorough testing, but as well as the usual protection from harmful rays this also contains an ingredient called Melanobronze which apparently helps to stimulate melatonin production and enhance your tan… I don’t know about that, and I look forward to giving it a good test (please let it be nice and sunny when I go on holiday in a fortnight!!!) but for now I can confirm it smells gorgeous, absorbs beautifully and feels really moisturising, brilliant.
The other new things to be launched are the Illuminators (£12). I have already tried and tested the gorgeous Violet Illuminator which has been repackaged so it now matches the two new variants, Rose and Gold. I loved the original violet one a lot but it’s not subtle and it’s very striking, even with a light hand, although perfect for a night out but this time I was sent the Rose version to test.
In the photo on the left here, the Rose (in the new design packaging is on the right and the old violet packaging on the left). I liked the old packaging but the new packaging is pretty slick too
This is much much more natural than the violet, much more suitable for every day use as it doesn’t add much colour at all, nor shimmer, what it does add is a glow. A subtle healthy sheen. The product is creamy palest pink, slightly flesh toned.

Blended out, I’m not sure you can even see it on this picture, other than the bottom half of my hand looks almost perfect and flawless. I don’t think that’s an advertised feature of the Rose Illuminator but certainly I can see where it is on my hand because of how smooth the skin looks!

In this final picture, I’ve failed miserably to show you what I’m trying to show you!

Down the left hand side is a blended out blob of the violet, but on the right hand side is the blended out Rose, and I think you can see to the immediate right of the vein (shudder) in the centre, towards the bottom, just a subtle sheen, and thats how this product is. Perfect and glowy, no chance of finding you’ve become a glitterball!

I can see me getting a lot of use from this because of the natural colour.. I’m thinking cheekbones, cupid’s bow and so on… I’ll try and use it in a FotD soon so you can really see what a natural glow this gives.

Definitely recommended!

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  1. KennethSoh says:

    Interesting. I am very fond of the St Tropez Everyday range. V subtle and I get models to use it night before an outdoor shoot to get a hint of colour. Thanks Charlie, I’ll be looking out for this soon.
    K x

  2. Missy says:

    I have JUST purchased some of this St Tropez tan as was at the little launch the spa I frequent had. I also agree that it smells gorgeous!!! We also had a sun light to see skin damage. While mine wasn’t too bad I still wanted the facial SPF. I’m just hoping it does what it says and bronzes me a little 🙂
    How’s it going with yours? Noticing a difference?


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