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L’Occitane are really on a roll at the the moment. There seems to be new products coming out very often which is great news if you’re a L’Occitane fan, bad news for the purse strings.

First thing I wanted to tell you about is L’Occitane’s first cologne collection. Unsurprisingly inspired by the region of Provence, there are three to choose from all in gorgeous retro packaging.

I’ve been trying out Eau Ravissante, which is the floral Cologne for women. Flower petals and citrus, it’s clean and its fresh and its perfect for Summer days (looks out of window), okay, it’s perfect for any time, but especially Summer days! I find the scent doesn’t last for hours and hours on me, but this is a Cologne, not an Eau de Parfum, it’s designed to be splashed on liberally. I have the handbag sized 50ml bottle (£21) but the large bottle is 300ml (£37) and thats HUGE so you can really splash it on as often as you like.  There are also coordinating shower gels  (£13) so you can layer if you wish.  The other two fragrances in the range are the Unisex Cologne, Eau Universelle, which is bergamot and grapefruit and the gorgeous sounding men’s Cologne, Eau Captivante which is bergamot and lime. All available now!

The second thing I wanted to tell you about is the Anglica range. Again the range is designed for hydration during the Summer months and includes three products. There’s an Instant Hydration Mask (£19) which is gel consistency and works in 3 minutes, put it on, brush your teeth and wash it off, plumped radiant skin! Sounds great, then there’s an Exfoliating Gel (£17) which does what it sounds like it does, gently buffs to reveal fresh revitalised skin. Finally there’s the Hydration Face Mist (£15).

Obviously it’s not been hot enough the last few weeks for me to really put this through it’s paces, but I’ve been using it as the final step in my make up routine, as a kind of setting spray. It seems to add a touch of glow and it certainly feels refreshing, if I was off somewhere really hot holiday I’d definitely want this baby with me.

Oh that’s not all there is though, there’s the Almond range too. This is a range for the body to help you firm up and get lush smooth skin. Again, there are three products in the line. A Shower Scrub (£13) to prepare the skin, ideally after that you’d then use the main product, Almond Shaping Delight (£34) a gel-cream to firm, resculpt (thanks to flavonoids to drain excess fluids and a plant complex to break down fatty deposits) and tighten thanks to the “mesh effect” of almond proteins on the surface of the skin. Finally there’s Beautiful Shape (£28).

I had to include a pictures of the external packaging here because I love it.  Beautiful Shape is a gel-cream specifically to help tackle cellulite on the thighs and bum. LOVE this. I was expecting it have an almond scent but its got a minty sort of effect so when you apply it you can feel it cooling and lightly tingling. Feels great! I’ve not been using this for the full 28 days yet but it promises results within that time period and I can confirm my skin is incredibly soft. I’m optimistic.

So there we have it, a bit of a lengthy post I know but there’s a lot happening at L’Occitane at the moment! Everything you could want for Summer.

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  1. Jan says:

    I sort of went off L’Occitane for a bit and now have rediscovered it again – in the almond range there is a gel handcream and it is gorgeous, just the smell alone is at once refreshing and comforting. I have a stand alone store quite close to me and I have promised myself a visit soon. Thanks Charlie – these all look lovely xx

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