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Hi all,
Today I’m going to talk to you about Nurture Skincare. This is a website that’s  pretty new to me but I’m delighted to have discovered it as  I’m really enjoying using the couple of products I’m trying out. I’ll get to those in a short while but first, a little about the company.  Nurture Skincare are based Guernsey and are a part of the Healthspan group who are the No 1 direct supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK. Nurture Skincare are cruelty free and they are affordable and effective.
The philosophy of the company is simple. To look after not only your external beauty but also your inner health, so their skincare and beauty products are supported by appropriate supplements.  Quite a few of the products have won Beauty Bible  awards in  the Beauty Steals category which is great.  I’ve been trying out a couple of the products lately and am so far impressed.
The first thing I’ve been trying out are the Hair and Nail Strengthener Supplements which are £8.45 for  60 capsules. You take two tablets a day so that is a month’s worth.  These have a range of effective ingredients to  help promote glossy, shiny hair and strong healthy nails. There’s a range of B-complex vitamins to help with healthy cell formation, silica for strengthening nails, and natural oils including apricot kernel oil along with OptiMSM to provide bioavailable sulphur for the production of keratin. I’m not sure what OptiMSM is but it really seems to be working.  My nails and hair both seem to be enjoying a growth spurt, my nails in particular are not just growing but after months of having problems with my nails they are suddenly a whole lot stronger. I’ve always known my diet wasn’t fantastic but these supplements seem to be providing whatever it was I’ve been missing before now! Very impressed, and it is recommended that you take these for 3-4 months for best results, and I’ve only been going a few weeks, so I am looking forward to the end results very much indeed.
The other item I’ve been trying out is the Nurture Replenish Day Cream SPF15 which is a very reasonable £11.95.  This cream  is aimed at an older lady than myself, women in particular who have or who are experiencing the menopause. That said I’m having all kinds of hormonal issues and I don’t see why this wouldn’t work for anyone except those with very oily skin.  The cream contains Phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens) of soy bean and red cover to mimic the action of oestrogen (clever stuff!).  It  can help restore density to the skin, therefore reducing fine lines… they can also help to stimulate the skin metabolism, helping you get a brighter healthier complexion.  If that’s not enough for you then there are also ceramides to nourish, pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise long term. Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and of course it’s SPF15 to help prevent sun damage which of course is ageing.
The cream itself is quite rich and I was afraid it may be too rich for my skin.  Surprisingly,  this wasn’t so, it needs less than a couple of minutes to disappear into my skin leaving me soft and moisturised all day long. Any dry patches are banished immediately. Fantastic stuff… I’d have to say this does compare quite favourably to considerably higher priced moisturisers I have tried.
I highly recommend checking out nurtureskincare.co.uk for affordable effective products. I am suitably impressed.
*This is a sponsored post, but all views reflected are my own, as always*

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