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I’ve got a couple of lovely things to show you today. The Stained Gloss Lip Tars are the newest addition to the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics line and are a sort of hybrid lip product.

They are the same sort of formula as the original Lip Tars, in that they feel similar on the lips and only a tiny tiny bit is needed but they are different. The colours are slightly sheer (inspired by stained glass windows and lighting gels) and they are glossy, like a lip gloss. They also leave behind a stain as the gloss wears away, hence the name. I’ve got two shades to show you and at first glance, in their packaging they look very similar.

The packaging has changed since I last bought a lip tar, and they now come in a little plastic pouch with instructions and a brush, which is a welcome addition.

Anyway, meet Jealous.

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar jealous

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar jealous
A sort of coral shade, and it’s bright, but it’s not that bright. Well not in comparison to Meta.

Lets just get on with it and meet Meta.

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar meta

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar meta

OCC Stained Gloss Lip Tar meta
Both colours are in the same family for sure, but Meta is considerably brighter. Although you can’t really tell in my “full face” pictures, you can see the difference in the lip swatches, Jealous is slightly more muted. It’s like Jealous is Meta’s shy twin.

I love both but you certainly don’t need both, if ultra bright is out of your comfort zone, grab Jealous but if you love bright bright bright lips, grab Meta.

In terms of wear I found the stain aspect disappointing, it didn’t stick around too long. On the plus side, unlike many lip stains, it wore away evenly, many I have tried leave a stain around the outside of your lips, wearing away in the middle first. In terms of a glossy lip colour I wasn’t disappointed at all. The lip colour stayed put for a few hours, enduring several cups of coffee and I needed to reapply after lunch.

I really like Lip Tars, they are excellent value for money, as you need so little when you apply and the new little pouches and brushes that come with them make it easy to touch up your make up on the go. The colours are always fantastic.

I really like OCC and the pigments are next on my wish list. I’ve been wanting the Garden collection since they came out over a year ago, I’m just struggling to justify buying the 4 I want at £9.50 each. I’ve got a couple of the Creme Colour Concentrates to show you later this week too which are lovely.

Anyway, if you like the look of these Stained Gloss Lip Tars you can purchase them from Cocktail Cosmetics for £11.95 each.

*These were PR Samples provided to me for review purposes*

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  1. Leanne OCD says:

    I love this on you! Gorgeous.

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