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OPI Femme De Cirque


I’ve mentioned a couple of times lately that I’m having a spot of nail varnish apathy, instead of being drawn to the rainbow of colours I own, I find myself drawn to nudes and french manicures. Not sure why, but as such one of the latest OPI launches, Femme De Cirque, is really calling my name. A small collection of 4 soft shades for Spring/Summer 2011 this won’t appeal to everyone but before you switch off I urge you to read on as I Juggle…Men is a must have by my reckoning!

I was sent a couple of shades, Step Right Up and I Juggle Men. First up is Step Right Up:

OPI Step Right UpOPI Step Right Up
A very pale pink, this was three coats, fairly streaky but three coats is good enough for me and as I’ve mentioned I’m really into the nudey, less in your face look at the moment. I’ve yet to find a pale milky colour that isn’t streaky.
But then we have the jewel in this collections crown. I Juggle men. A sheer base rammed with tiny iridescent particles, mostly blue on the nails but also flecks of pinky purple. It is so stunning. In the bottle the pinky purple is the dominated shade.
OPI I juggle men

And then layered over Step Right Up, please enlarge:

OPI I juggle Men

This is so pretty and right up my street, this is my prefered way of wearing I Juggle Men. However, if this isn’t your thing then don’t turn away yet, because you need to see this layered over black for the full impact. I give you I Juggle Men over China Glaze’s Liquid Leather.

OPI I Juggle Men
OPI I Juggle Men


If this collection takes your fancy it’ll be out soon from http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/ as usual.

0 responses to “OPI Femme De Cirque Swatches”

  1. Atia says:

    I Juggle Men over Liquid Leather is gorgeous!

    New follower x x x


  2. Jennifer says:

    I Juggle Men is a interesting colour – not for me mind – but I bet it would be fun for people who can’t wear much colour as it gives a regular neutral a nifty twist.

  3. Big Fashionista says:

    So pretty. And perfect for spring, I love the look of I juggle……men. Its going on my wish list I think

  4. Jen(ny) says:

    I Juggle Men looks just like CND Sapphire Sparkle effect

  5. Charlie says:

    Hi Atia, it is lovely isn’t it!

    Jennifer, yes its really nice to just add a different dimension to an otherwise neutral nail!

    Biggie! It is gorgeous! Get it!

    Jen(ny), I don’t have that one, but I do have three CND effects and they are similar, but I find on the ones I have the flash isn’t duochromey, its just raspberry, or just scarlet if you see what I mean?

  6. LilaVanilla says:

    The two together are really lovely, I love layering nail varnishes :o)

  7. Varnish Vixen says:

    I’m looking forward to this collection! And I Juggle Men is truly stunning, what a versatile polish!

  8. *Peonies and lilies* says:

    I juggle men is absoutely beautiful, it would be perfect for layering over any nail varnish! x

  9. Santa says:

    I searched for non-streaky milky colours for YEARS and threw away countless bottles that didn’t live up, until I tried Essie polishes – two coats give a really easy, non-streaky finish and they last longer than any other polish I’ve ever tried. Brilliant.

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