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As you probably know if you are a regular reader, back in November I was sent OPI Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry Collection and the Black Shatter Top Coat for review purposes. I absolutely loved the combination (review here) and wanted to get the rest of the polishes from the Katy Perry Collection too to layer with black Shatter. I picked them up for about a tenner from Ebay.

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection

Last Friday Night & Black Shatter:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 Very sparkly, very sheer, very pretty but nothing like the blue in the bottle.

The One That Got Away.

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 A beautiful colour on its own but I hate it with Black Shatter over it. I think it looks cheap and nasty. It seems I only like Black Shatter over pale shades.

Teenage Dream:

OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
 Very pink and very sparkly, sheer, but not as sheer as Last Friday Night.
And a reminder, Not Like the Movies:
OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection
Still my favourite.
Nice colours individually but I would absolutely NOT recommend this set of mini’s. I have no issues with the tiny lids and brushes, I still managed to get good applications from them, and generally I do recommend the mini sets as great ways to try collections out, but in this case, two of the mini’s are glitters, glitters that are quite thick and take two coats, which means that after one manicure the bottles are substantially emptier. If you fancy these colours buy full size bottles!
I really love Not Like The Movies and will probably get some use from Last Friday Night as a layering glitter.

0 responses to “OPI Katy Perry Mini Collection”

  1. Lisaloo says:

    Ohhh I like the look of teenage dream with shatter.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Out of those mini bottles you are supposed to get 15 whole two coat manicures. OPI always recommend that you use two coats as you get the full depth of colour (those glitters look much better with two coats and the blue even better with three/four thinner coats – I have a review on my blog if you would like to see). I can’t stand the mini bottles, I find them hard to use with the small brushes so tend to get the full size ones. I also like the silver on your nails too 🙂

  3. Charlie says:

    Lisa it is very pretty.

    Jennifer, I have used two coats for each and there is no way you’ll get 15 out of the glitters. Maybe about 8? I’ll go and have a look at yours x

  4. jaljen says:

    I don’t ever buy sleb-branded stuff because I’m snobby like that. Tbh these don’t even look that good. So it’s no hardship!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Yeah I agree 15 is a lot to ask when you do need a few coats for the glitters. 15 is what OPI always say for the minis and 60 for the full size. I have a mini nail envy and I’ve used it so much and it is still going, probably about 1/4 left so that’s not bad. Thanks for following me by the way x

  6. Lipstick Luvvie says:

    Glad I decided to give the two sheerer glitters a miss, I love The One That Got Away, set to be a favourite I think. X

  7. B-u-x says:

    Maybe I’m just getting old, or perhaps I’m just too much of a ‘less is more’ person but black shatter is definitely not for me – it looks to me like you’ve just done a sink load of dishes in a hotel kitchen minus rubber gloves. 🙂 Great reviews though Charlie, it stops us impulsive beautyholics rushing out to buy EVERYTHING.

  8. Charlie says:

    Lipstick Luvvie, the glitters are pretty but no great loss!

    Bux, I do like the black shatter but only under very specific circumstances!

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