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I’ve been trialling this moisturiser out for a few weeks now so now feel well placed to offer an opinion on it, but first lets have a look at what the product is for and who it’s aimed at.

Origins Youthtopia Lift Ultra Rich Firming Cream

Ok so the new Youthopia Lift cream comes in two variants, there’s the Youthtopia Lift Firming Cream and the Ultra-rich Firming Cream. Really, the aims of the product are spelled out in the product names. The idea being to re-contour, re-define, lift and firm your skin whilst moisturising, adding volume, smoothness and “plumpness” with the end result of an all over  younger, radiant looking skin.

Key Ingredient Details
Commiphora Mukul
Extracted from the root of a tree indigenous to India, commonly known as guggul, works to help volumize and re-densify skin’s appearance.
Sweet Almond Extract
Supported skin firming.
Buckbean Extract and Siegesbeckia
Help maintain collagen levels and encourages a firm and lifted appearance
Sunflower, Barley and Cucumber Extracts
Provides Barrier repair.
Essential Oils – Geranium, Cardamom Seed, Sweet Orange, Thyme, Sandalwood

Ok so firstly, let me say that I was sent the Ultra-Rich formula and in the hot weather we had recently this was far too rich for me so I think in winter this is going to be great for me, whereas in the warmer weather I think the normal formula would suit me better.

That said, my experiences with this have been great. Firstly it smells beautiful. Secondly, whilst nice and rich this still absorbs well. For me I have to say I did notice an instant effect, I say instant, I mean overnight. This is one of those products where you apply it at night (as this is the ultra-rich formula I’ve kept it for night use), when you wake in the morning you can see and feel your skin is plumper. So I find that my skin does look younger because it’s plumper, meaning the fine lines are less obvious. I have tried a couple of other products that work this well in the past but this is great. I will definitely think about switching to the Youthtopia Lift Firming cream, but it won’t be for a while as I have some more products to trial.

All in all, I can say that I’ve not seen massive changes to my skin but however I do see changes, positive changes and I see them very quickly. Over night, literally, my skin looks plumper and healthier and really thats pretty amazing when you think about it. I would expect, given my experience with this product and all other Origins products, that over a continued period of time and using twice a day you would see a marked improvement.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    I’d buy it for the essential oils alone, love anything with sandalwood and cardamon in it, it sounds lovely. I also love skin care ranges that do a normal and an ultra-rich version, having very dry skin the ultra-rich is always spot on for me. x

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