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Orly Fall 2011

Love the look of this collection! The first one in the row above looks spectacular. It’s a purple sparkle FLAKY! I was however sent a couple of the others in the line up to try out. Peachy Parrot and Seagurl. Lets take a look. Please excuse my awful nails, I bit a couple when I went in for my operation (nerves) and they are still recovering from the damage I created.

orly Peachy Parrot

It’s a frosty, orange-y coral. I don’t think it’s very autumnal? The colour is nice, nothing special really, but I found the formula quite hard to work with. It was a bit gloopy. I use Orly for my nail business so I’m not used to that.

Then we have Seagurl.

Orly Seagurl

Love the colour, A dark grey with shimmer, not too frosty, just right. The formula again was hard to work with. Also, I applied this at 9pm, took the photos at 9.30am the next morning and you can see a chip, and by lunchtime I had to remove it. I was wearing base and top coat. I am sure I must have had a couple of dodgy polishes as the lids were a bit glued and the polish seemed old (but it can’t have been because it’s a new collection!).

Love love love the colour of Seagurl and have it on my toes right now (where polish lasts a lot longer!) and I’ll try Peachy Parrot in the Summer I think. I can’t see me rocking this one at this time of year. I didn’t know I was such a traditionalist when it came to colours and seasons!

So, nice colours, shame about the formula on mine. I’ve not seen one other blogger mention dodgy finishes, so I really do think I’ve been unlucky with these. I still plan to buy Fowl Play as soon as I can!
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0 responses to “Orly Fall 2011 Peachy Parrot & Seagurl”

  1. Strawberry Blonde says:

    Not sure about the peach but Seagurl is lovely. I have ordered Nite Owl – can’t wait to try it!
    Nic x

  2. MrAJBx3 says:

    aww that is sooo cute! 😛 i want them all hahaha
    Great Post

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