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Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

I’m a shocking nail artist. I can’t do it. I really just can’t! I thought Orly’s Instant Artist might be just what I was after. Alas I’m still quite shockingly bad at nail art but these have helped make me a bit better. The following pictures were taken a few weeks ago now when I first got these and I must say I’ve improved a fair bit.

Firstly the brush. Long slender and perfect for doing zebra or tiger stripes.

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

They are water based so you can easily remove mistakes which is great. I also find that if you have gel manicures or Shellac for example, these are perfect, they just wipe off until sealed with top coat.

Here are a couple of shoddy attempts!

I used the Black Striper and the dotter tool for Chloe’s little lady birds 🙂

The dotter tool is FAB. I did this with my Artistic Colour Gloss a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!

Orly Instant Artist and Dotting Tool Review

The Instant Artist Colours are a not too Shabby £5.80 and the Dotter Duo Tool is approximately £7.

Available from www.lookfantastic.com

Love love love my dotty nails!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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