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Osmo is a hair care brand I wasn’t familiar with at all, however, I had heard the name. It’s surprising really that I’m not more familiar with the brand as they have just celebrated their 15th Anniversary so they are not a small brand, in fact, as a professional brand, they are known and loved the world over but professionals and their clients.

To celebrate the anniversary, the 1st of June saw Osmo relaunch with new look packaging as well as having been busy creating new products to compliment their existing lines.

The range is huge, there is something there for everyone, whether you’re looking for shampoo, conditioner, treatment masks or styling products. Whatever your hair type, there’s something suitable.

I received the Osmo Colour Mission Silverising Shampoo, Silverising Violet Mask and the the Violet Protect and Tone Styler to try out. The range is designed for highlighted, bleached and blond shades, as well as silver and grey hair, and aims to tone your colour,  neutralising yellow, without stripping. Actually, the range isn’t ideal for my hair as I want to keep my warm tones and I was afraid to really try it out in case I lost the warmth, but I tried them out anyway, just a couple of times so I could see how my hair felt.

Osmo SilverisingJust to give you the low down on my hair, its very very fine but I have a lot of of it so my hair appears to be incredibly thick. It’s also quite dry thanks to the blonde, and very prone to frizz. I can tell usually on the first use whether a product is good for my hair or not by the way my hair feels while the products are in use, if they are not moisturising enough my wet hair feels like dreadlocks, and its awful when its dry. The Osmo products are sulphate free and this too can have an effect on my hair, making it feel dryer and creating more frizz.

I’m pleased to report all of the above products passed the test on my tricky hair. The Silverising Shampoo is not a new product, it’s just had a new design. Its a glorious purple colour and left my hair clean and soft, while producing a lovely lather. The Violet Mask is a beautiful product too. Apply it to your towel dried hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes, or, if your hair is particularly dehydrated, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse out.

These two products felt so gorgeous on my bleach damaged hair, and left my hair soft, clean and manageable. Perfect. The Silverising Violet Protect and Tone Styler is another new product, essentially it’s a leave-in conditioner, that tones your hair too. It protects against heat damage and unwanted brassiness. I have a love hate relationship with leave-in conditioners, they often make my hair feel unclean, or give me spots on my scalp, this however didn’t. It just left my hair soft and manageable again.

Although these weren’t the perfect products for my hair, and I won’t continue using them, there’s no denying the quality, or how gorgeous my hair felt after use. So much so I will now look into the other products and purchase something from Osmo that is perfect for my hair. I’m thinking perhaps the Colour Save line, or the Blinding Shine line or even the Deep Moisturising products.

Price Info:

OSMO Colour Mission Silverising Shampoo £7.90

OSMO Colour Mission Silverising Conditioner £7.90

OSMO Colour Mission Silverising Violet Mask 100 ml £3.00 300ml £7.95

OSMO Colour Mission Violet Protect and Tone Styler £8.80

The new look products haven’t launched yet on the Osmo website, however, you can use the Where To Buy section of the site to find your nearest stockist.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

2 responses to “Osmo Silverising Products for Bleach Blondes!”

  1. I really do quite like the Osmo line like you i hadnt heard of them before i got to try them out and i was really impressed at how good they actually are
    i love the styling products


    • justcharlieg says:

      yes I will definitely look at them when I restock, I was impressed, and that was with a range that didn’t really suit my hair, so what would one that did suit my hair be like!

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