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It’s extremely rare for me to do an all out negative review on my blog. Normally if I don’t get on too well with a product I will be at pains to stress who I feel it might suit and explain why it didn’t suit me but might suit you. This time I can’t think of a single positive. No wait, I can actually think of two, but lets start at the beginning.

I was contacted by Montagne Jeunesse to see if I’d like to review their Skin Hero products. Although it’s lower budget than I’d usually buy for a face mask, I’ve seen the lovely bright packaging around and read good reviews, plus I’ve had a slightly stressful time lately and imagined myself relaxing on the sofa with the face masks and so I accepted the offer to receive them in return for a review. So here we are.

I received the following and thought it was a jolly nice parcel to receive. Something really treaty for me and I was looking forward to giving them a whirl.

Montagne Jeunesse

A cheerful looking collection of products I think you’ll agree.

At the time I received these I was suffering from a small break out, a monthly occurrence unfortunately, so the first one I decided to try was the Break-Out Mask.

Montagne Jeunesse

It sounded perfect. A mud mask fusion of calming Tea Tree and soothing Canadian Willowherb. Followed by a “super moisturiser of tantalising Tea Tree and calming Canadian Willowherb”.

So I slapped it on all over my face (except eyes and mouth obv.) liberally. It felt lovely I must say, a bit mentholly, so cool, smooth and creamy to apply and then as I left it on for the next twenty minutes and as you would expect it dried out giving you that face lift feeling. Then I washed it off and admired my lovely smooth soft clean skin. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning my face was itchy but it took me a while to drag my sleepy bum out of bed….by which time I realised I was not only very itchy, but my skin was feeling really bumpy and sore too….then I looked in the mirror…. excuse the crappy photographs, I used my phone to take them immediately.

Montagne Jeunesse
Montagne Jeunesse

All over my face. Red. Bumpy. Sore. Itchy and Dry. So, I waited to see if it’d settle, it didn’t then I hit Twitter up for some advice and the very helpful and expert Caroline Hirons came to my rescue  as did the lovely London Make Up Girl. Between them they explained what had happened (Acid Mantle destroyed) and how I could relieve the irritation (antihistamine to relieve the itching and Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair to create a barrier). And do you know what, I’m so grateful to them. The anti histamine very quickly reduced the itching, and the Advance Night Repair soothed quite substantially… that’s not to say I was fixed though. Oh no, this first day was just the start of it. Those things did help to relieve the discomfort a little though.

So after panicking and getting advice from those fab experts, I calmed down and penned an email to my contact at Montagne Jeunesse. I wasn’t snotty, I wasn’t rude, I explained what had happened, explained that I was nervous to try the rest of the products I was sent, I explained how sore I was and what did they think? I think I expected them to consult their “experts” for me or something and offer me some advice on how to treat the damage, explain what might have caused it and whether they thought  I would be okay to try the other products.  And call me unreasonable but I also expected a fairly quick response. All of those things might have helped me to write a more balanced review… you know to include how quick they were to offer advice on what I could try to help and that perhaps they thought it was an ingredient in this one mask and that the others should be fine for me etc.

If someone emailed me saying the acrylic nails I’d done for them had destroyed their hands I’d be emailing pretty sharp to a) apologise b) see what I could do to help fix it and c) do some damage limitation…

But they never replied.

So here it is. A review with no positive input from the company at all.

So after the initial irritation died down, what happened? Well the itching remained for a week, although admittedly, nothing like as bad as the first three days. Then my skin started to get dryer and dryer and dryer. Then it started flaking. There’s no foundation that I own (and I’ve got about 10) that could cover this…and obviously I would want to keep my skin free of cosmetics and just keep it clean and moisturised, but I didn’t feel I could do that because of the final unpleasant side effect. I now have the mother of all break outs. I’m talking more spots than I’ve had in a long time. Massive sore, hard spots. No, no, I can’t go out like that, I just can’t do it. I appreciate that’s my vanity and no one’s problem, all I can say is I’ve put my foundation and concealer on it the morning and as soon as I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the house have cleaned with oils or balms before slathering on my most effective moisture giving products. A week on… the spots remain but the dryness has nearly gone.

So yeah, the Break Out Mask is appropriately named. I sure broke out. And flaked. And itched. And swelled. And got bumpy.

With no input whatsoever from the company I’ve felt totally unable to put a positive slant on this review at all as I normally would, so I’m sorry about that. I won’t be trying the rest of the products they sent me. I won’t be giving them to anyone else to try. I won’t ever purchase one of their products and I will never recommend anyone does.

Just as a final note, I am writing this post a week after using the mask, at the time this post goes live it will have been nearly a fortnight…if by any chance I’ve had a reply from the company in the meantime I’ll be editing this… so if you are reading a rubbish review you’ll know that I gave them a reasonable amount of time before going ahead with this post…

*In case it wasn’t clear – PR SAMPLE*

38 responses to “Over my dead body will I recommend this product.”

  1. liloo says:

    oh dear 🙁 xx

  2. BeautyBecca says:

    I loved these masks, however, I totally understand why you’ve given them a negative review. Just ignoring your email was really bad of them, especially as you’ve had such a bad reaction, awful PR :/. I hope its all cleared up for you now 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      Still waiting for the huge spots to go but my skin otherwise finally seems to have returned to normal thank goodness!

  3. UnevenLemming says:

    It’s only a theory so do bear with me, most ingrediants that are in masks that are for break outs can contain ingrediants that can severely irritate slightly drier skin (and drier skin can also get spots as I do!). I find masks like that are more designed for really oily teenage skin and not for us who are slightly older or drier :S.

    Amazingly bad customer service, can’t believe they didn’t want to try and help knowing that this would be the feedback. Disgusting. I went on the website to read the ingrediants list to see what it could and got “tea tree” – useful.

    Sorry its long but I hoped that helped. x

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks UnevenLemming, that does make sense and is probably correct. I’ve had several replies on here and on twitter from people saying they’ve had the same reaction. Not good.

      Thanks for your comment though, it’s not good service is it?! x

    • UnevenLemming says:

      Nope not at all, you entry insipired my face mask masterclass so thank you 🙂 Hope you’re all recovered x

  4. Tegan @ Teganias Thoughts says:

    owwwww how unfortunate! The same thing has happened to a friend of mine with a neutrogena cleanser – allergic reactions are not fun! Antihistamines however are winners!

  5. That’s shocking Charlie – it looks and sounds so painful! Horrified that they didn’t even respond and hope they do once they see this review!

    Nic x

  6. Bicky says:

    Ohmygod that’s awful! D:

  7. Modesty Brown says:

    I’m in agreement with UnevenLemming that this mask is possibly designed for younger, oilier skin. I’m also not liking the sound of Tea Tree oil in a mask, Tea Tree oil can burn the skin and I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than spot application. Although they haven’t responded, I do hope they will feed this back to their formulations team.

    I really hope your skin recovers fully soon Charlie. It must have been so sore and uncomfortable x

    • Charlie says:

      yes I think on reflection thats the most likely thing, it just isn’t right for my older skin…which they should have been aware of when they sent it to me..but maybe thats asking too much!

      It’s so much better now thanks, just be happy when the spots finally go! x

  8. This is a real shame! As people who are into beauty we understand that our skin can have certain reactions to certain ingredients and what may be great for one person can have this awful reaction on another.

    However the fact that you were sent these to trial and review, the fact that you did the right thing and let them know immediately to give them a chance to help and advise and they just completely ignored you is shocking.

    If they don’t care about their consumers then it makes me wonder if they care about their products. And if they don’t care, how good can they really be? xx

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  9. I’ve tried a few of these masks in the past and had a similar experience, at first I thought it was just my eczema playing up but none of them work for me. Some dry my skin, some cause blotches some give me spots, I’ve contacted the brand in the past and never had a response either, maybe they have a filter where only good feedback is read?

    My other half has a completely different reaction to the products, he has normal skin (lucky) and can use the whole range with no problems at all, no spots, red patches, rash or any other skin nasties.

    • Charlie says:

      I must say I’ve never seen anyone say anything bad about them thats why I thought I’d give them a go, for that reason, they sounded great! Guess I was unlucky, but definitely unimpressed to hear that you as a consumer didn’t get a response either! Shocking!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Normally I quite like these masks, although only ever buy the ones for dry skin because I don’t want any more oil stripped from my face. If the masks are too strong for dry skin that is having a break out then they should put it on my packet as a warning and create something for dry and sensitive skin with spots. It is just poor show and unacceptable to ignore an email and it has made me think twice about this company in the future. I hope your face is better now, I’d hate that to happen to me.

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you very much, and I don’t have very dry skin so I shudder to think what this would have done if my skin was very dry!

  11. Shen says:

    OH my gosh! This is awful. I can’t believe they didn’t reply to you.
    I hope your skin gets better soon

  12. Haru says:

    Gosh, that’s terrible, sorry to hear that you had to go through such a traumatic experience. I’ve seen these in the drugstores in London, glad that I never purchased any of them. Hope your skin heals soon.

  13. Jade. says:

    that is quite frankly disgusting that they havent replied to you, i’m so glad i saw this because this is the kind of mask that i’d go for!! x

    • Charlie says:

      Well plenty of people seem to like them, but I’ve been amazed how many tweets and replies have been people saying the same happened to them!

  14. Oh no, this is awful, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you 🙁 I’ve tried this mask and didn’t have a problem at all, I loved it! :/

    Frances xx


    • Charlie says:

      Well thats good, I’m sure as others have suggested, it just wasn’t right for my skin type. 🙁 xx

  15. Laura. says:

    i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back?xx

  16. Big Fashionista says:

    Oh Charlie what a nightmare!!!!

    Hope you are ok now x x

  17. Grace London says:

    Ouch, your poor skin! It does look and sound as though the mask was just too strong for your skin type. Did it say to leave on for 20 minutes? That’s quite a long time for this kind of mask.

  18. missy_ellie_uk says:

    Ouch! The reaction you had to this mask is really unfortunate. What’s really shocking though is that MJ have not come back to you at all despite your attempts to contact them. Bad reactions to products can happen, and at the least I would have expected them to come back to you with some advice and reassurance.

    • Charlie says:

      I think really thats what I’m so annoyed about! I can accept jsut about that the mask wasn’t suitable for me, but do believe it shouldn’t have been sent or should have some kind of warning on the packet given the severity of the reaction, but mostly I just can’t believe they didn’t reply to me!

  19. Oh my gosh..that was a very bad reaction… my bete noir is Dr Perricone eye cream.. eyes like golf balls for three days. Hope your skin has cleared up now.. that looked very severe.

  20. Mari says:

    “Over my dead body would I recommend this …” ‘Nuff said! What a nightmare, and thanks for being brutally honest too!

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