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Nail Varnish and Lana Del Rey. They are two of my most favourite things in the world and when the two are combined, well I’m just gonna have to get the whole damn lot. Which I have.

Pahlish - Coney Island Queen Collection

The collection is inspired by the lyrics and indeed the style of Lana Del Rey, and is designed to work with all your Summer floaty dresses.

The first I’m going to show you is my favourite, Singing in the Garden.

“I’m your little scarlet, starlet, singing in the garden”
Pahlish Singing in the Garden

The most beautiful green, it’s somewhere between a sage green and a mint green and is rammed with green glitters of varying sizes. So beautiful. Amazing forumla, a little sheer, this was three coats but those three coats are thin and dried very fast so no worries.

Next is Coney Island Queen.

“It’s alarming truly how disarming you can be, eating soft ice cream, Coney Island Queen”
Pahlish Coney Island Queen

A creamy nude base with rich gold glitter in two sizes. So pretty, I wasn’t keen on this in the bottle but I really liked it on, it’s glam in a very understated way. Formula great again.

Anticipating and Pacing.

“But he headed out on Sunday, said he’d come home Monday, I stay up waiting, anticipating and pacing”
Pahlish Anticipating and Pacing

This is a touch less bright and a touch less red than it is this picture, it’s a warmer coral, but I love this one, just for being so different to anything else! Slight gold shimmer and load of royal blue glitter, its striking and unusual. Again, great formula.

His Favourite Sundress.

“I’m in his favourite sundress, watching me get undressed”
Pahlish His Favourite Sundress

Orange/coral creamy base with subtle gold shimmer and lovely orange glitter. This one is lovely and a great Summer colour but the formula of this one was really hard to work with, it was very thick and I struggled to get a nice smooth finish, with a little perseverance and care I managed it, but it wasn’t anywhere like as dreamy to apply as the others.

Sugar Venom (a line taken from my favourite Del Rey Song).

“Pick me up and take me like a vitamin, cause my body’s sweet like sugar venom”
Pahlish Sugar Venom

Gah this is so gorgeous! Creamy bright pink with pink microglitter and a berry glitter. It’s gorgeous and in fact I’m wearing it on my toes and plan on wearing it on my toes all Summer long, it’s just so lovely! Back to the great formula again!

Finally, Mind Like a Diamond.

“She laughs like god, her mind is like a diamond”
Pahlish Mind Like A Diamond

Mind like a diamond (Twin Peaks experts might recognise that phrase??) is a gorgeous and really unusual shade. It’s grey, with grey glitters, but there’s also a pink duochrome in there too that really sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen, although none of pictures picked that up on my nails, trust me, on my nails, it looks just like it does in the bottle there. Formula was easy to apply but I think you can see there was some shrinkage on the tips, no worries, will just remember to cap the ends with this colour in future…!

Absolutely love this collection, it’s so beautiful. I bought all of them from the Pahlish Etsy Shop and I paid 59 dollars including the shipping from the US. Which works out at about £38 including international shipping which I thought was extremely reasonable and I’ll be ordering again, in fact I gather another shade has been added to this collection, Body Electric which appears to be a gorgeous mid blue with violet glassfleck and various pinky/lilac glitters. So I guess I’ll be getting that one, along with the gorgeous looking April Showers Duo.

After all of my recent adventures in indie polishes… I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another OPI or China Glaze again… the wear time on these is far superior.

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