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Paul & Joe Hallelujah Nail Enamel

I recently received a few things from the Paul & Joe Ornamental Holiday collection which I reviewed here. I loved the bits I was sent and it whetted my appetite for Paul & Joe Beaute so I was compelled to go off to ASOS and buy more. I bought a few things and I’ll review them all over the next couple of weeks but I’m starting with the Ornamental Nail Enamel in Hallelujah which has been on my mind since I received the press release a good month or two ago.

Paul & Joe Hallelujah Nail Enamel

The polish is extremely sheer, slightly tinted green, but is full of green/gold and green/turquoise flakes and glitter. In the bottle it’s stunning. I knew this was going to be too sheer for me to want to wear alone so I layered over a white polish  to show off the effect of the polish.

The polish is stunning but the photographs are a fail for two reasons. One, this polish isn’t supposed to be viewed in extreme close up, it’s far prettier looking at your hands a a few inches away than close up and two, my camera simply refused to pick up the real sparkly gorgeousness of this polish.

Paul & Joe Hallelujah Nail Enamel
Paul & Joe Hallelujah Nail Enamel

So so so gorgeous. I know the photo’s don’t do it justice but you should totally consider getting it because it’s a) gorgeous and b) reduced from £10 to £7 on ASOS at the moment! More of my Paul & Joe purchases coming soon!

0 responses to “Paul & Joe Hallelujah Nail Enamel”

  1. Beauty Balm says:

    looks a gorgeous shade x

  2. LoubouLush says:

    It looks lovely in the bottle though it’s hard to tell on your nails. I’m intrigued though as I’m having a bit of a green phase atm x

  3. jennie says:

    Ooh this looks really interesting! xoxo

  4. Charlie says:

    Beauty Balm – it really is lovely!

    LoubouLush – It’s impossible to tell on my nails I know, its just so hard to photograph but it really is so sparkly and gorgeous!

    Jennie – Definitely worth checking out! x

  5. Worshipblues says:

    That is super pretty!!

  6. Hayley says:

    wow this is so different! love the packaging too! 🙂

    Hayley (your new follower) x

  7. Steph says... says:

    This looks very interesting! I was expecting it to be a full on bright green colour, so to see that it’s actually fairly sheer & just tinted with green intrigues me. If I had the pounds – and not pennies, I’d definitely pick up a bottle.

    Steph xxx

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