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Here’s a little treat. I’ve worn this to death and I’ve had mine months and months and there’s just a tiny little stump left so I’ll definitely repurchase at some point.

Anyway, the little beauty in question is the Paul &Joe Moisture Lip Treatment.

Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment

I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and have far far too many…but here’s a little secret, I very rarely wear them. I buy them because I can appreciate a good colour and I simply must have it in my life, but in reality, I probably wear lipstick once a month? Another ten days of the month I’ll wear a lightweight gloss or a gloss/lipstick hybrid or a coloured balm but the vast majority of the time I wear nothing…well nothing except for this stuff. I don’t wear it because of it’s moisturising qualities. I don’t, in all honesty believe that balms work. I’ve tried some that seemed to work for a while but I’ve never seen any long term improvement.

What I do love about his is that a) it feels beautiful on and b) it gives my lips a look that I just love. It adds a clear shine to the lips that isn’t glossy, but is just perfect for my needs.

If like me you favour a natural but healthy and plump look to your lips you can do a lot worse than this balm. Oh and it’s unscented and unflavoured and there’s no tingly effect. Perfick.

Available from Beauty Bay

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

2 responses to “Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment Review”

  1. lol Charlie I’m so shocked that you only wear lipstick once a month with your amazing collection – hilarious!

    Love the sound of this balm 🙂

    • Charlotte Gray says:

      I know! It’s not like they are all PR samples either, I buy ridiculous amounts of lip products… I am duly ashamed of myself!

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