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Paul & Joe Spring Collection

Paul & Joe Spring. Joyous words to my ears. Given my new addiction to the brand and all. I mean just look at the packaging. In particular the nail polish box there on the far right. Good lord its lovely! One of the amazing things about Paul & Joe is the design of everything and the above products don’t let you down even when you open the pretty boxes.

Paul & Joe Spring Collection

The first product I want to talk about is the bottle there on the far left which is the Moisturising Primer. This is part of the permanent line. The Primer is intended to extend the wear of your foundation and moisturise. It also contained a very subtle gold pearl, it’s so subtle that it’s extremely hard to spot but it’s there to add a little glow. The primer comes in three shades and I was sent the second shade, 2- Miel. Although this product is fairly translucent this shade is a little too dark for me sadly. I’ve used it anyway so I can review and you’ll see in the later photos my face is a little orange. The shade aside, its a lovely product, definitely moisturising and helps to keep my base in check all day. Very nice. This is £22.

Now onto a few bits from the amazing Spring Collection. In honour of Paul & Joe’s 10th Anniversary, all the items are inspired by designer Sophie Albou’s love of cats.

Firstly the lipstick in Meow, described as a natural pink.

Paul & Joe Lipstick in Meow

Absolutely love the little paw prints all over the bullet. So cute. As for the colour, it looks very natural in the tube but not terribly exciting, but I absolutely love it! It’s so gorgeous. Look!

Paul & Joe Lipstick in Meow

I’ve just had a cold and my lips are a little dryer and flakier than usual which you can unfortunately see on the photo, but really we’re looking at the colour, it’s very nice indeed. This is £16, wears very well indeed and although it appears matte in the above picture it’s not, it’s more of a satin finish, with a light sheen. Lovely every day lipstick.

Next up, the Face and Eye Colour in Purr-fect. £19.50.

Paul & Joe Face and Eye Colour in Purr-fect

So cute! I’d not normally pick green shades for myself which is a shame as I’d have missed out on this beauty. The packaging is again, beautiful. Really really beautiful. It’s a little cardboard box but if you were worried about carrying these around with you, Paul & Joe have it covered with a neat little thing.

Paul & Joe Face and Eye Colour in Purr-fect

Each box comes with a little band to keep your box shut. Cute! These are described as face and eye shadows, which probably only applies to the pinky-mauve and bronze variants not the green so I’ve obviously only used these as eyeshadows. The wear on them is excellent and the pigmentation is good too, although they didn’t swatch brilliantly, on the eye though these are fab. The pale green shade is a fab all over colour with the dark green being a lovely rich shade perfect for the crease and the ivory is great for where ever!

Please keep in mind I’m growing my eyebrows out before you think I’m hideously unkempt. I am, but it’s intentional. 🙂

Paul & Joe Face and Eye Colour in Purr-fect
Paul & Joe Face and Eye Colour in Purr-fect

It has a very pretty subtle shimmer.

Swatches of all of the above:

Paul & Joe Spring Collection

Finally there’s Tigress Nail Enamel £10.

Paul & Joe Tigress nail enamel

The only item I was sent that I wasn’t keen on. There’s nothing wrong with it, the formula is excellent as I’ve found to be the case with all Paul & Joe polishes. It’s just that for a nude shade it leans a little too peachy for my tastes, it’s a nice enough colour, just not my choice. Reminds me a lot of Revlon Grey Suede.

So that’s it! There are two more things in the collection I will definitely be buying. Firstly the Matte Pressed Powder.

Paul & Joe Spring Collection

OMG OMG OMG. I love Paul & Joe Pressed powders and I need that one in my life.

And finally I have to confess I have done a total about turn on the Paul & Joe cat shaped products. I’ve always found them a little creepy but if I don’t get the reddish Blusher Stick in my life I will actually cry. It’s so beautiful!

Paul & Joe Spring Collection

Love this collection SO much. Will you be getting anything?

Available from http://www.beautybay.com/ as of 1st February.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

0 responses to “Paul & Joe Spring Collection”

  1. darling d says:

    I am a long time fan of Paul and Joe but have never tried their makeup line. The packaging is just too too cute!!

  2. Simderella says:

    I think there packaging and lipsticks are soo cute! xx

  3. Victoria says:

    I’m not really a cat person but the face and eye powder looks adorable!

  4. Beauty Daze says:

    These look beautiful, but as I said to Rowena at Cosmetic Candy when I saw her post – are the cat ears on those blusher sticks not going to just fall off once you start using it? That, or you’ll have just two line of product until you’ve worn it down. It seems like a beautiful but thoughtless design there to me.

    Steph xx

  5. Charlie says:

    I don’t think so because you (well I!) wouldn’t use the tip, I’d use it at an angle so the flat side was flush to my cheek. By flat I mean the side rather than the tip, does that make sense?

  6. Y says:

    The packaging is sooo adorbbzz!

  7. BeautyBecca says:

    eeep so cute 😀 will be getting the cat powder 😀

  8. lovethescents says:

    Adoring the look of that eyeshadow palette on you! I wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at in the packaging, but it is really pretty. Are you getting much fall-out? I haven’t tested any Paul & Joe, they aren’t available here….

    • Charlie says:

      No fall out at all, its a lovely finish on this, its my first experience with Paul & Joe Eye colour and it’s lovely I always apply eyeshadow sheerly but they have plenty of pigment too. Where are you?

    • lovethescents says:

      Thank you for answering, Charlie 🙂 I’m in Canada.

  9. Old Cow says:

    Thank lipstick is so beautiful!! I think I must take a closer look at these!

  10. Pammydoll says:

    Wow! these are visually stunning! I want!! lol, think I may get the lipstick in Meow as the colour is lovely 🙂

  11. Pammydoll says:

    Wow! these are visually stunning! I fancy the “Meow” shade as it looks a lovely daytime colour….I want one!!!

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