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14. 09. 2013


Hi guys,

Bit of random ramble about my week today. Hope you’ve all had a good one? Mine has been… eventful.  It started with Chloe going into year 2 and Lola having her first day at school. I wasn’t one of those emotional mums, I couldn’t wait for her to start and for Chloe to go back but even so I found myself with butterflies on Monday morning and had a few moments of anxiety during the day…no need for concern though, Lola was absolutely fine, declared she’d had a great day and “guess what mum! I had gravy and I liked it!!”. That seemed to be the highlight of her day. I’ve been trying to get her to eat gravy for all her years in existence to no avail, first day in school and that was that!

Other than that I’ve been busy applying for jobs. Not loads, but about five and yesterday I had my first interview. Good lord. It was for a part time job at Waitrose. It was a group interview that lasted three hours. Yes, you did read that correctly.

I spent most of the week feeling slightly sick about it and even contemplated not turning up. I just couldn’t face the idea of a group interview. This morning I was a wreck! I needn’t have worried it wasn’t all that bad. I’m one of those people who just can’t help worrying but when it gets to the actual event is surprisingly calm. I do so hate being a worrier though, I’ve been grumpy all week! I don’t know if I got it, there are more interviews next week so time will tell but if I didn’t it was still a good experience. I’ve been out of work looking after the kids for just over seven years and I was in my job prior to that for about five years so I’ve not had an interview for over 12 years! So at the very least  it’s given me a bit of practice for any future interviews! If you ever go for an interview at Waitrose, go prepared! I needed every bit of research I did, hopefully it stood me in good stead.

In beauty news I’ve spent hours swatching and photographing this week and I’ve got some amazing thing to show you over the next week or two and I can’t wait but I can’t resist sharing this quick photo with you as these are possibly my most favourite thing I’ve ever tried. I just love them

Any guesses?

I was supposed to be doing some decorating this week but what with revising for the epic interview and the associated anxiety I decided that could wait.

Anyway, quite enough waffling on for now, just thought I’d give you a little life update!

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  1. Joanne Newsham says:

    Im so glad Lola enjoyed her first day and now likes gravy! haha.

    Them nails………. I want Charlie!

    Jo @ Beautylicious Love

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