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Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

I’m not sure I’ve ever reviewed any Philosophy products on my blog before, I don’t know how this has happened as I have used various things over the years, including cosmetics and brushes. But none of the Skin care line. Nor any of the Grace line.

The scrub itself comes in a massive 652g tub which is very heavy, unsurprisingly, given that it’s choc full of sea salt.

Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

When left to stand the product will separate, as has happened with my pot, so you get a very oily layer on the top with a lot of salt at the bottom. A quick stir sorts it though and you are left with a gorgeously scented pot of scrub which works very well indeed to banish dry skin and the flakies. I’d say it was an ideal product for pre-self tanning for example. It was exceptionally easy to use and just the right amount of scrubby-ness and the oils in it helped my skin feel super soft after after my shower.

I don’t think this will be the last Skincare item I try from the Philosophy line or indeed just the Grace line as the scent is so beautiful.

The scrub is £20.50 from QVC along with a huge amount of other Philosophy products.

*Disclosure – Sample provided to me for review purposes*

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